Chalk & Wire Training Workshops


Throughout the academic year, workshops in using Chalk & Wire will be available to both students and faculty. When the workshop dates are made available, you will be notified by the FSEHD. You can sign up for a session by emailing with the necessary information. Workshops tend to happen at the beginning of each semester.

Remember, if you are unable to attend a workshop, you can always schedule a one-on-one meeting by emailing

Please do not sign-up for a training workshop by phone. Keep checking your RIC email for new training sessions.

Basic Chalk & Wire Workshop

The basic Chalk & Wire workshop is designed to assist both those who are using Chalk & Wire for the first time for a specific class, as well as for those who need to learn the process for Student Teaching at Rhode Island College. Workshops are specifically designed for both students and faculty. Students will learn how to create, share, and submit a portfolio. Faculty members will learn how to access the site and assess work as both an internal and external assessor. Both kinds of workshops will also touch on the process for their respective other half.

Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher Workshops

These workshops are specifically for faculty assessing student teachers. Assessors will learn how student teachers submit their necessary artifacts through Chalk & Wire, how to access the rubrics for said artifacts, and other details that would be specific to their program.

Creating Tables of Contents and Rubrics Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach faculty with Sub-Administrator access how to create a Table of Contents and an Assessment Rubric. These elements are extremely important in Chalk & Wire, and they allow students to properly upload work for assessment.