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Branding Guidelines

Pages that use the RIC website template must also follow the college’s branding standards that details the fonts, colors, and layout options available.

Web items within the style guide include:


  • No logos other than the official RIC logo and college sanctioned logos are to be displayed. Separate logos for individual departments, programs and initiatives are permitted and must be designed by the Office of College Communications and Marketing.
  • Any deviations from the college’s Branding Guidelines are not allowed. Deviations from the style guide will break the defined design, the RIC brand, and the website experience.


  • Primary Colors: Gold (#FEEA77), White (#FFFFFF) with an accent of Burgundy (#990000)
  • Secondary Color: Warm Grey (D6D1CA, #E3E1DB, #ABA097)


  • Arial (primary text)
  • Banners text: Garamond

Other requirements:

  • Base text color must be black
  • Text sizes are determined by the theme and stylesheets
  • Text should use correct mixed-case and not be fully UPPERCASE in titles and body content
  • Pages should have correctly sized headers (e.g. Heading 1, Heading 2) to semantically structure each page
  • No clip art
  • No Flash animations or blinking text
  • The navigation menu within a website must be present on the left-side of the page

Page last updated: December 06, 2019