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Instructions for Use

These images contain several variations on the official Rhode Island College logo. You should use one of these images whenever you need to display the official RIC logo. However, you may NOT:
  • Shrink any logo with text such that the text becomes too small to read
  • Enlarge any logo in a manner which creates blurry or blocky edges; other image formats support resizing (particularly enlargement) better than those provided here -- consult with the publishing department or the web team for more information
  • Distort, transform, or deface any logo such that it becomes unrecognizable or reflects poorly on the College
  • Recolor any of these logos unless you are recoloring them to one of the official Rhode Island College colors
  • Place any of these images on a background which renders the logo unrecognizable, illegible, or which is designed so as to clash with the colors in the logo
  • Utilize any of these images in such a way that they give the impression of endorsement or support from Rhode Island College to any un-affiliated 3rd party (for example, you may not place the logo directly next to a link to another non-RIC website)

Please take care to select an image which was designed to match your website. Each size and style of the logo has been provided in several versions for light and dark backgrounds, or for other types of backgrounds. Do not attempt to place a light background image over a dark background (or vice versa) as this will result in a block outline around the image. If your background is solid black or solid white, please use one of the solid background images which will provide the highest quality display.

  • JPEG images do not support transparency; background colors will not 'show through' empty spaces in JPEG images. If you choose to use a file in JPEG format, please ensure that you are using it on a white background.
  • To save an image from this list, right click + save (Windows) / ctl + click + save (Mac).
  • Images marked "high-quality transparency" will not appear properly on Windows computers using the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • White logos will appear on a white background in this environment. The image is on the page but does not appear because the foreground and background colors are the same.​

Page last updated: March 21, 2017