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RIC Logos

It is imperative that the Rhode Island College nameplates and seal be displayed correctly to ensure brand identity. Always use the correct typefaces and the correct relative positioning and size of all elements. The images provided should be used whenever it is necessary to display the official RIC logo. However, you may not:

  • Tilt or rotate the nameplate or seal.
  • Skew, stretch or warp the nameplate or seal.
  • Shrink any logo below the minimum height of 70 pixels
  • Enlarge any logo in a manner which creates blurry or blocky edges. (For large images, please download an EPS)
  • Use any color other the approved colors listed on the RIC colors page.
  • Place nameplates or seal on images that obstruct the readability of the logo.
  • Place nameplate or seal on a background that competes with readability, hue or approved colors.
  • Alter the alignment of any component of the nameplate.
  • Substitute typefaces or font
  • Utilize any of these images in such a way that they give the impression of endorsement or support from Rhode Island College to any un-affiliated 3rd party (for example, you may not place the logo directly next to a link to another non-RIC website)​

Page last updated: February 14, 2017