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Web​ Design Tools

Several easy-to-use, free, online tools exist to help create professional, high-quality, accessible web sites.

This section provides links to some of these tools, and we strongly encourage you to submit all of your websites to them to determine how you can improve your online presence.

HTML Validation

The World Wide Web Consortium provides an HTML validation service which can be used to ensure that your web pages follow the widely accepted standards of HTML coding and markup and​ that users can view your pages correctly regardless of the type of web browser they use.​

CSS Validation

In addition to an HTML validator, the World Wide Web Consortium also provides Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Validation.

This service will make certain your page displays in the way you intend regardless of the user's browser.​

Color Contrast Tests

A color contrast check is available and provides a reasonably good idea of how your web page may appear to someone with visual challenges by checking the level of color contrast on your webpage.​​

Page last updated: December 06, 2019