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All public facing websites and web pages of RIC use the same overall web page design and navigation structure. Visitors should not be presented with differing designs, as to not detract from the overall user experience and RIC branding. The overall presence of RIC on the website must be consistent. There are several templates designed for the consistent overall look and feel of the website.​

Three-column design

The three-column design is used for the main webpages for specific websites within and contain the following elements:

  • Official Rhode Island College logo (right column) or logo for specific department or initiative (designed by College Communications and Marketing)
  • Contact person(s)​, phone, email and location (right column)
  • Quick links (right column)
  • Primary navigation (left column)
  • Photo or slide show (center)
  • Informational content (center)

Two-column design

Each navigation item leads to pages/subpages that utilize the two-column design consisting of navigation on the left and content to the right of the navigation. Images can be included on these subpages and are sized to work with the content that is displayed.

Single-column design

Single-column web pages are a relatively new concept and are designed to be landing pages for high profile on-campus departments and initiatives. They consist of a number of large images (940x470) with information, action buttons and navigation organized in a single column utilizing the entire width of the webpage. Examples of these websites include, Admissions, Northeast Neighbors and Graduate Studies​​.

Page last updated: December 06, 2019