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RIC Colors

Official Colors

The official colors of Rhode Island College are gold and white. Burgundy is also available as an accent color. When using these colors on the web it is desirable to use the 'web-safe' versions of them, which are displayed below.

Web safe colors are certain to appear correctly on all popular web browsers and operating systems without any dithering artifacts. This concern has diminished with the advent of common high-color displays, but for materials as important as a logo or seal, it is still vital that appearances be consistent and appealing.

Official Pantone Colors

The official Pantone Matching System values for RIC are:
  • Gold:
    • PMS 872 (metallic) - Primary gold
    • PMS 143 - Secondary gold
  • Burgundy:
    • PMS 202

Color Comparison Chart

Two color schemes are compared below for your reference. The Bright color scheme represents the colors used for the elements on the page you are viewing now. The Official color scheme represents the closest possible web-safe match to the Rhode Island College official printed colors.

You should consider making use of one of these color schemes (avoid mixing them) either as your major color pallet, or as a collection of accent colors, to help keep your page consistent with the rest of the Rhode Island College website appearance.

Each color is displayed as a swatch with its hexadecimal value in its center. If you are designing a web page, it is these hexadecimal color values which you should be using to ensure that you have correctly matched the official colors.

  PMS 125 PMS 872 PMS 202
'Bright' Web Colors B37F33 999966 990000
'Official' Web Colors CC9900 996633 990033


Page last updated: June 30, 2017