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​The Women's Center

T​he mission of the Women’s Center is to educate and advocate for the advancement of women’s equality and issues at the college and within the community.

Women's Center Logo The center provides a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental, social space where conversations happen and individuals who identify as women (or support women) are valued and supported, and critical dialogue is encouraged. Women’s development, leadership and empowerment is cultivated and celebrated through a variety of programs. The center offers referrals and resources, both on and off campus, as well as information related to women’s history, health, and progress. All individuals who respect and advocate for women are welcome at the Women’s Center.​​​

While the Women’s Center is an office under the Unity Center umbrella and both are components of the division for Community, Equity and Diversity, they occupy separate, adjacent physical spaces.​​​​

Page last updated: July 19, 2018