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Faculty Resources

Class Presentations

Claudine Griggs and/or the tutors are available to give brief ten- or fifteen-minute presentations. Although we prefer to have students come to the Writing Center, where they can see the space for themselves, we also go to individual classrooms. If you have some specific writing concerns you'd like us to cover, please contact Claudine at 456-8872 or To schedule a visit, call 456-8141.

Tutors are also available to work with faculty.


The Center maintains a library consisting of current books on writing and composition as well as decades of journals (College Composition and Communication, College English, The Writing Center Journal, Journal of Basic Writing) which belong to the director. Faculty members are welcome to use these materials. There are also files of handouts on a variety of writing issues as well as current editions of texts used in First Year Writing 100.​

Page last updated: April 21, 2016