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Continuing Education
Course Registration

Please Note: All continuing education courses have restricted enrollment.  These courses have been created in cooperation with on- and off-campus partners for targeted populations. 

Registrants interested in standard course offerings and course registration should follow the link to RIConnect, the College’s online registration system.

Many standard courses are appropriate for and available to nondegree students seeking general continuing education. Please contact the Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions if you need information or assistance.

Registration Instructions
Please complete the Registrant Information, Course Registration, and Payment Information sections below, print a copy for your records, and then use the button to submit your form electronically. Registration for multiple courses is possible; however, you must submit a separate form for each course. A single payment including fees for all courses is advised and should be submitted with your last registration request.

Last Name: *
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Middle Name:
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Date of Birth:
Social Security Number: *
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Two or more races
Course Information: Please review printed course registration information and instructions provided by RIC and distributed by the course sponsor.
Course Title:
(e.g. ENGL, PSYC, BIOL, etc.)
Course Number:
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Course Fee ($):
Payment by Check
Please click the Check Payment Form below, provide all requested information, print two copies of the form one to send and one for your records, make your check payable to RHODE ISLAND COLLEGE, and mail to the address provided on the form.

Please Note: Students paying by check must also complete and submit this registration form.
Check Payment Form
Third Party Payment
Please Provide the information below for payment through a third-party agency. Student is responsible for all third party arrangements and for securing payment to Rhode Island College.

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Contact Person:
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