Reassigned Time Application and Instructions

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Application Instructions

Reassigned Time Applications are now opened. The deadline for applications is April 5, 2023. 

Please include a letter from the chair of your department(s) stating they have been notified of your application for reassigned time and that the department will be able to accommodate your request. 

A reminder that per Section 10.26 of the AFT contract, you must provide and upload proof which shows that your department chair has been notified of your application.  For questions, please contact

The goal of the Committee for Faculty Scholarship and Development (CFS&D) is to encourage faculty scholarship (e.g. research, creative activity), professional development, and training. The Committee also seeks to assure transparency in the allocation process for faculty support and to communicate the results of funding with the RIC community and beyond.

Per Article 10.26 of the 2018-2021 Faculty Contract (extended through June 2022), "the Administration will provide at least 48 formula hours of credit per semester for the purpose of reassigning faculty from direct teaching responsibilities to specific and approved projects in scholarship, creative endeavors, public service, and/or applied research (including, but not limited to, research on student performance, assessment and accreditation). Allocations of this time reassignment will be distributed among faculty from the five academic schools in a manner which considers (a) the relative size of the various schools, and (b) particular faculty needs and opportunities for productive use of the reassigned time. Faculty members shall provide notice to their department chair of their application for research reassigned time. Research reassigned time shall be distributed by the Committee for Faculty Scholarship and Development based upon procedures codified in the Committee By-laws and approved by the RIC/AFT President, the Provost/VPAA and the RIC Council Chair. Faculty members who receive three or more formula hours of credit of reassigned time from teaching under the provisions of this section will not be eligible for over load compensation during the semester of reassignment and may not have more than 14 credits of workload overall for the semester."

Reassigned time may be for:

  • Scholarly and creative activities
  • Activities leading to publication, performance, exhibition, or presentation
  • Activities related to course or instructional development, including obtaining new skills relevant to instruction or research

May not be for:

  • Proposals that are directly involved in contractual agreement between the applicant and another party that result in direct financial compensation to the applicant
  • Time to teach at another institution
  • All full-time members of the RIC-AFT are eligible to apply.
  • You may only submit 1 Reassigned Time Application per academic year (July-June).
  • Faculty members who receive three or more formula hours of credit of reassigned time from teaching under the provisions of this section will not be eligible for overload compensation during the semester of reassignment and may not have more than 14 credits of workload overall for the semester.

Deadlines: All deadline times and dates are EST.

Applicants are requested to avoid technical jargon in their project description, keeping in mind that they are writing for a multidisciplinary audience.

Please include a letter from the chair of your department(s) stating they have been notified of your application for reassigned time.

  • Awards are dependent on the quality of the proposal, justification, and the number of load hours available per school.
  • Decisions are based on merit, budget and project justification, and applicant priority. Based on the Survey on Priorities issued in January, 2019, the following priorities will be observed:

Assistant professor, tenure track: +2 points added to score

Assistant professor: +1 point

Associate Professor: +1 point

Applicants not awarded reassigned time in the last five years: +2 Applicants who were productive in their previous reassigned time: +1 Projects that directly benefit RIC students: +1

Projects that benefit teaching, whether a skill, practice, or a new course: +1

Projects that are close to completion: +1

New projects: +1

NOTE: While we would like to honor every request for reassigned time, requests usually exceed available hours. Applications are competitive and every effort should be made to be follow instructions, include supporting materials, and complete the application fully. If you have received any counsel from the chair of the committee in relation to extenuating circumstances of your situation, please note that in your application.

Applications received will be evaluated by a committee made up of 10 members:

  • Four faculty members appointed by Rhode Island College Council (the Committee on Committees).
  • Four faculty members appointed by the RIC/AFT President with consultation by the RIC/AFT Executive Committee.
  • One faculty member, the Director of the Center for Research and Creative Activity, appointed by the VPAA.
  • The Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs as an ex officio, non-voting member

The Committee will evaluate applications along the lines of the following review process:

  • The nine voting members review and rate applications according to a standard scoring system for each grant (noted on the applications), recusing themselves from evaluating their own applications and applications from members of their department.
  • As a matter of policy, the CFS&D shall endeavor to distribute reassigned time in such a manner as to encourage as many faculty members as possible to engage insignificant research/creative activities. In this regard, the CFS&D will endeavor to allocate all reassigned time available.
  • If it is deemed necessary, the CFS may invite competent authorities to assist in the evaluation of research projects and/or request the names of three qualified references who may be contacted to assist in evaluating a proposal.
  • The CFS&D may, at its discretion, interview applicants before reaching final decisions.
  • The reassigned time recipient shall acknowledge the support from the College in any publication supported in whole or part by grants from the Rhode Island College Committee for Faculty Scholarship and Development.
  • Faculty are requested to submit a copy of any publications resulting from this support to Molly Bruce Patterson, Digital Archivist and Special Collections Librarian, Adams Library, where it will be filed and made available for public consultation. Faculty might also consider posting articles on Digital Commons.
  • A final report is required of all reassigned time recipients due by September 30, 2022. Until a report is filed, future reassigned time applications will not be accepted by the CFS&D. Reports from previous years must be submitted by the stipulated deadline unless the applicant has requested and received from the CFS chair an extension in writing before the deadline indicating why the report will not be filed on time.

Application & Final Report

Please note that applications must be completed online. It is possible to save and return to in-progress applications. Although it is possible download the application pages to look at them offline, your changes will not be saved and your application cannot be submitted in this form.

Previous Recipients​


Last Name First Name School Department Rank Semester Project Hours
Allard Amelie FAS Anthropology Assistant Professor Fall 2021 Community-building through Archaeology: Setting up the Project 4
Brabeck Kalina FSEHD CEP Professor Spring 2022 Inter-Professional Training Model to Serve Under-Insured Immigrant Clients 3
Del Vecchio Andrea FAS Physical Sciences Associate Professor Fall 2021 Stress Evolution During Metallic Thin Film Deposition 3
Duncan Stephen (Matt) FAS Philosophy Associate Professor Fall 2021 Acquaintance and New Metaphysics 4
Feeney Justin School of Business Marketing and Management Assistant Professor Fall 2021 Developing an Open Educational Text and Video Series for Human Resource Management 4
Hesson Sarah FSEHD Educational Studies Associate Professor Spring 2022 Critical Language Awareness Project 3
Hui-Michael Ying FSEHD Special Education Professor Fall 2021 International Special Education 4
Kene Prachi FSEHD CEP Professor Spring 2022 Intimate Partner Violence 3
Kim Moonsil FAS History Associate Professor Fall 2021 Digital Humanity for History 4
Linde Robyn FAS Political Science Associate Professor Fall 2021 Feeding the Beast: Amnesty International and UN Engagement 1961–2020 4
Michaud Michael FAS English Professor Fall 2021 A Writer Reforms Writing: Donald Murray, UNH, and The Birth of Composition Studies (1963-1987) 4
Okoomian Janice FAS English / Gender & Women's Studies Program Assistant Professor Fall 2021 Writing Oral History Article for Scholarly Publication 3
Reamer Frederic SSW MSW Professor Fall 2021 Philosophy and Social Work 3


Last Name First Name School Department Rank Semester Project Hours
Boren Karen FAS English Professor Spring 2021 The Contract: A Nove 1
Costa Stephanie FAS Mathematics and Computer Science Professor Fall 2020 Inquiry Based Investigations in R 4
Darcy Monica FSEHD Educational Leadership, and Professor  Spring 2021 National Accreditation Self-Study (CACREP) for MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
Hawk Brandon FAS English Assistant Professor Spring 2021 Sources of Old English and Anglo-Latin Literary Culture Digital Research Center 4
Hesson Sarah FSEHD Educational Studies Assistant Professor Spring 2021 ESL Teacher Preparation Program 3
Hui-Michael Ying FSEHD Special Education Professor Spring 2021 Education of RI Multilingual Learners with Special Needs 4
Johnson Janet FSEHD Educational Studies Professor Spring 2021 Retaining Educators of Color in Rhode Island: Problems and Possibilities 2
Kene Prachi FSEHD CEP Professor Spring 2021 Psychiatric Correlates of Intimate Partner Violence: Implications for Assessment and Treatment 3
Medwid Mark FAS Mathematics and Computer Science Assistant Professor Spring 2021 Evaluation of the Unreal Engine As a Possible Mathematical and/or Pedagogical Resource 4
Miller Elisa FAS History Associate Professor Spring 2021 "Progressive Domesticity: Women, Domestic Science, and Higher Education in Turn-of-the-Century America" 4
Noh Yuree FAS Political Science Assistant Professor Fall 2020 The Politics of Electoral Manipulation in Autocracies 4
Pepin Kristen FSEHD HPE Assistant Professor Spring 2021 Exploring Student Wellness 3
Pfeiffer Elizabeth FAS Anthropology Assistant Professor Fall 2020 Under Advanced Contract with) Rutgers University Press, Special Series in Medical Anthropology: Health, Inequality, and Social Justice 4
Siegel Siegel SSW MSW Professor Fall 2020 AHEC: Area Health Education Collaborative 3
Tortolani Chrsitina FSEHD Educational Leadership & Associate Professor Fall 2020 Disseminating Eating Disorders Education and Treatment Across Multiple Levels of Care: Improving Access in the Rhode Island Medicaid Population 3
Weiner Richard R FAS Political Science P Professor Spring 2021 Completing 4th book re Political Sociology & My Arc of Scholarship 2



Last Name First Name Department Rank Title Semester Hours
Berg Amy Philosophy Assistant Professor Projects in ethics and the philosophy of wellbeing Spring 2020 4
Brennan Patricia Reference and Research Support Associate Professor Writing & Research - data analysis and interpretation from the FYW Research Fluency Project Spring 2020 1
Caouette Becky FYW Program/English Associate Professor Writing & Research: Data Analysis and Interpretation from the FYW Research Fluency Project. Spring 2020 2
Duncan Matt (Stephen) Philosophy Assistant Professor Metaphysics Articles, Book, and Workshop Spring 2020 4
Edelman Elijah Anthropology Assistant Professor Establishment of RIC Allens Avenue Community Partnership and Field Schoo Spring 2020 4
England Kennedy Elizabeth HPE Assistant Professor Reduction of Homelessness through Alternative Housing First Pathways (working title) Spring 2020 3
Furey Jenlyn Counseling, Educational Leadership, & School Psychology (CEP) Assistant Professor Teacher Preparation to Support Linguistically Diverse Students Fall 2019 3
Hawk Brandon English Assistant Professor Sources of Anglo Saxon Literary Culture Database Creation Fall 2019 4
Hofhansel Claus Political Science Associate Professor Duties, Loyalty and Citizenship Spring 2020 3
Horn Martha Elementary Education Associate Professor Teaching Writing: Learning through Teaching Spring 2020 4
Kiser April History Assistant Professor 'Describing the true and lively figure of every beast:’ The Usefulness of Images in Early Modern Natural History Spring 2020 4
Linde Robyn Political Science Associate Professor International Nongovernmental Organizations Studies Program Revision Fall 2019 4
Little Peter Anthropology Assistant Professor Post-PhD Research Grant: A Multi-Sited Anthropological Study of Solar Energy Waste Spring 2020 4
Mello-Stark Suzanne Mathematics and Computer Science Assistant Professor Cybersecurity Curriculum Project Spring 2020 4
Miller Elisa History Associate Professor Completion of the Rhode Island component of the “Online Biographical Dictionary of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the United States" Fall 2019 4
Okoomian Janice Gender & Women's Studies Program Assistant Professor “Speaking of Gender”: analysis of oral history research on Armenian women. Fall 2019 4
Olson Jeannine History Professor 2 articles: Beza & Nicolas Des Gallars, 2 Reformers, Best of Friends?; The Colloquy of Poissy of 1561, Success or Failure? Spring 2020 4
Ostas Magdalena English Assistant Professor "Wittgenstein and Narrative": Essay for Wittgenstein and Literary Studies from Cambridge University Press Fall 2019 4
Pfeiffer Elizabeth Anthropology Assistant Professor Reassigned-Time for Continued Scholarship on HIV-Related Stigma in Kenya Fall 2019 4
Picard Sara Art Associate Professor Imperfect Likenesses: The Unexpected Life of Jules Lion Fall 2019 2
Ravenscroft , Jr. Robert Mathematics and Computer Science Associate Professor Hands-On Learning in Computer Architecture with a Chipkit Computer Fall 2019 4
Rawson Glenn Philosophy Associate Professor Heraclitus' Logos and Early Greek Rationalism Fall 2019 4
Saatcioglu Kemal Economics and Finance Assistant Professor Exploring Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Factors Fall 2019 4
Sawyer Jason HPE Assistant Professor Comparison of the Effects of a Resistance Training versus Aerobic Exercise on Depression and Anxiety in College Aged Individuals Spring 2020 3
Shogenji Tomoji Philosophy Professor From Probability to Proximity: Further Consequences Fall 2019 4
Siegel Deborah MSW Professor Area Health Education Collaborative (AHEC): Program Design, Implementation and Evaluation Fall 2019 3
Turki Salam Mathematics & Computer Science Assistant Professor Arbitrary Convolution of Scale Mixtures of Normal Distributions Spring 2020 4
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