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Advising Guide

As an academic advisor, you have an incredibly important role helping students connect with the college, navigate the maze of academic requirements, and ultimately see the path to graduation. For faculty, we have developed a new advising guide of procedures and tips called "Academic Advising 750". Use it online or Adobe PDFdownload a copy for your use (last updated February 4, 2014) as you advise your students this semester.

Your communication with your advisees may be face-to-face, by email or phone, and each interaction provides an opportunity for providing excellent student service. The connections and interactions between a student and his/her academic advisor are a key ingredient of student success. Helping students stay on track enriches the overall academic community, leads to improved graduation rates, and strengthens the college' achievement of its mission.

In the spring of 2009, Rhode Island College participated in the third administration of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). First-year and senior students were primarily measured on the five "Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice" (Level of Academic Challenge, Active and Collaborative Learning, Student-Faculty Interaction, Enriching Educational Experiences, and Supportive Campus Environment). Here is what the results told us about the student-faculty interaction benchmark:

  • First-year students had a 14.5 percentage point increase in satisfaction over the 2007 survey administration
  • More than two-thirds of first-year and senior students rated academic advising as "good" or "excellent," which was a statistically significant improvement over the last few administrations. This was likely the result of the Universal Advising that was put in place after the 2007 NSSE. (Institutional Research Report #09-12)

Developed in support of the college's strategic plan Vision 2015, Goal 2.5, this guide is meant to serve as a resource to the members of the college community who provide academic advising. When information exists in another easily accessible format (such as the college catalog or web), the appropriate links or location will be provided rather than duplicating copy.

Special thanks to Maureen Reddy, Terry Riley Wilcox, Jan Shumate, Lucy Saunders, Jim Dorian, Pat Thomas, Dolores Passarelli, Leslie Schuster and Sasha Sidorkin, who assisted in identifying key topics of interest and concern and/or providing the sources for answers.

This guide will require updates, revisions and additions over time. Please feel free to send me comments and suggestions as well as additional topics to be addressed.

Holly Shadoian

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