Covid-19 Reporting

Rhode Island College
Daily Report on COVID-19 Cases

Total Number of Positive Cases in past 7 Days (5/7/2022‐5/13/2022)



Distribution by RIC Constituency

Total Number of Positive Cases Identified During Prior Day (5/12/2022)



Total Cumulative Number of Positive Cases (Since 1/31/2022)



RIC Positive Cases by Month
Distribution by RIC Constituency

Total Number of Positive Cases per 100,000 past 7 Days (5/72022‐5/13/2022)



Rhode Island


Total New Positive COVID cases per 100,000 in past 7 days
  • RIC has had 18 positive cases in the last seven days; 61.1% were faculty/staff, 27.8% were off-campus students and 11.1% were on-campus students.
  • RIC identified 4 positive cases during the prior day (5/12/2022).
  • Since January 31, 2022, RIC has had 177 positive cases (1 in January, 44 in February, 19 in March, 72 in April, and 41 in May); 57.1% of cases have been off-campus students, 27.1% have been faculty/staff, and 15.8% have been on-campus students.
  • Rhode Island College’s number of positive COVID cases per 100,000 for the past seven days (5/7/2022-5/13/2022) is 264.0, compared to 471.5 for the State of Rhode Island.

NOTE:  Due to the impact of the high volume of Omicron cases on RIDOH’s and our own case tracking, we are not confident in the accuracy of the count of cases among off campus students. 



RIC Student Vaccination Reporting

The RIC student body is in compliance with RIC Vaccination policy.  We applaud this effort by the students and appreciate their concern for the health of our community.

COVID-19 Student Reporting Information


Consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, state and local officials Rhode Island College has implemented a tool for faculty and staff to report students with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.

Should a faculty or staff member learn of a student with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 the student should be informed NOT to come to campus unless or until cleared through Health Services. It is requested that you:

  • Ask the student to remain off campus.
  • Ask the student to contact Health Services.
  • Complete this form so that Health Services may be notified and follow up, as appropriate, with the student.