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Career Exploration

Expand your horizons by using resources to broaden your awareness of the areas in which your major may connect to the job market. Investigate strategies to bolster your résumé.  Work with our counselors to create effective job search letters and résumés. Reinforce your written materials by working with us to develop networking and interviewing skills. Knowing that you are ready to present yourself professionally will build and fortify your confidence.  






Are you confused about your choice of major and/or career?  Research career fields and make informed choices! Assess your options and develop your plan.  Identify next steps to position yourself competitively. Take action to make your post-graduation goals a reality. 

Connect with Employers/Organizations 

Check out our job fairs, employer information sessions and Career Coffee Chats. Be a part of the conversation and take a look at upcoming programs and events on Handshake

Resources and Tools for Your Career Exploration

Career Counselors can help you become more focused and strategic with your job search. Once you know what kinds of positions you want to target, we can help you craft professional job search documents, develop job search skills, and identify prospective employers. 

  • Build confidence in your decision making through the use of TypeFocus, our free, personal assessment tool
  • What Can I Do With This Major? Gather information on a variety of majors, what employers hire them and what strategies will help you gain relevant experience while earning your degree
  • Broaden your search to be sure you are on track to find a satisfying fit
  • Discuss options with an Academic Advisor 
  1. Speak with a counselor right- fit your TypeFocus results
  2. Review and refine your alternatives: engage in experiential learning through internships, study abroad, or work on-campus
  3. Test your way forward by choosing an elective to help you assess your fit with a major; interview professionals in your potential field for an "insider's view" and meet with a counselor to sound out your ideas
  4. Work with an academic advisor to explore impact on your academic plan

Is salary a factor? 
Do your research and take a look at the premium content on Vault

Check out Glassdoor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information. 


  • Meet with your Faculty Advisor to review course selections and make a plan for completing your chosen major. Book an appointment on Starfish to meet with your advisor
  • Practice Informational interviewing skills by meeting with employers at the Career Center Job and Internship Fairs; to continue to interview professionals and develop your network
  • Take part in an internship to build skills relevant to your chosen field
  • Access approved internships in Handshake
  • Take advantage of our Career Coffee Chats with employers to which will allow you to engage with professionals and expand your network in a welcoming environment   
  • Make use of Portfolium, a tool especially designed to relate and translate your academic experience to on-the-job skills
  • Create and develop your LinkedIn account
  • Practice your interviewing skills 

Planning to attend Graduate School?

Our Graduate School Fair is offered every Fall semester. Attend and get the answers you need to make decisions. When the time comes to apply, Career Counselors can help with your Personal Statement for admission! 

  • Attend Job & Internship Fairs with focus on securing a job
  • Utilize Handshake to identify and apply to positions of interest
  • Get a final review of your resume and cover letter by one of our counselors 
  • Got an interview? Schedule a mock practice interview with a counselor to hone your answers and fine-tune your presentation
  • Polish professional connection materials like business cards and your LinkedIn profile; update competencies and skills on Portfolium
  • Review your online presence to ensure your social media reflect a positive, professional image
  • Know your worth - calculate a fair salary 
  • If Graduate School is going to be your next step, we can help with discussions and review of your personal statement 

Career Development Facts

employers seeking RIC students in the past 12 months
On average 784 jobs and internships are posted per month
employers are in attendance throughout our 6 yearly job fairs
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Further develop your skills, enhance and reinforce your academic experience, gain hands on experience for your resume and determine whether this career is best fit for you. Search internship opportunities on Handshake!

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Build leadership skills and cultural competencies to gain a competitive edge, acquire international experience and cross-cultural communication skills necessary to succeed in a global economy. 

Graduate Students

Graduate Degrees

Does your career path include graduate studies? Learn more about RIC graduate degree offerings, attend a graduate school fair to talk with program representatives and learn how an advanced degree can influence your career trajectory. 

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