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As a community-involved, community-oriented-policing agency, we believe that both the on-campus and general community must be educated and knowledgeable in those issues which will enhance their safety.

We have chosen to provide links to an online database of hazardous materials, where you may search for MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets) information. For those who find it needful, please avail yourselves of this information. If you are aware of any Hazardous Materials or Toxic Waste problems on, or near, the campus area, please contact us.​

The sites which are shown here are those which, in our opinion, provide sound information and may be useful in both the pursuit of educational research and general community information. Clicking any of the links provided will take you away from both the Rhode Island Campus Police web site and/or the Rhode Island College domain. We do not maintain control over either the design or content of any site linked. We trust in your maturity and common sense to self-determine which sites best suit your individual need for information.

Law enforcement agencies across the state have taken advantage of the various resources offered through the internet. The sites listed are but a few of those in the Rhode Island area.

Campus Police Agencies

Campus Security Departments

Municipal and State Jurisdictional Police Agencies

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Office of Campus Police​

Our philosophy is simple: provide a secure and welcoming environment so that our campus community members can grow and thrive in their personal and professional lives.