RIC Students at Orientation
Designed around specific pathways chosen by the student, the Plus Program strengthens relationships, skills and a sense of belonging.

Join Us for the Plus Program

The Plus Program invites students to stay overnight on campus and complete a 2nd day of Orientation in a specific pathway.

How to Register for Orientation and a Plus Program

Pathways Options

You may choose one of these pathways to participate in while attending the Plus Program:

Wellness: "Managing Stress in College"

three students inside a building

Wooohooo, college is finally here! There are so many fun things in store for you as you start this next phase. However, as with every change and new experience, there are ups and downs. Excitement, but also stress. So, what do we do about it? In this pathway, we will discuss how to manage some of the stress that comes along with college life. We will review the answers to questions like: “How should I take care of myself while also doing well in classes?” “What should I do if I feel overwhelmed and stressed out?” You will leave this workshop with a “stress management” plan...a go-to guide of activities that you can use to manage these big feelings.

Career Development: "Explore Yourself!"


What are your interests? What’s important to you? What work will you find satisfying? Answers to these questions will make it easier to choose a major (or to confirm that you are on the right track with your choice). Career planning begins with self-exploration…and that begins with knowing about yourself! RIC’s Career Development Center offers TypeFocus, an easy-to-use, self-assessment tool that can help you get started. What you learn about yourself may even help you decide what kind of classes may be best for you!

Leadership: "Student Activities & Leadership"

International student at admissions reception

There can be so much more to the RIC student experience that goes well beyond the classroom, and it's yours for the taking! From attending events, joining student organizations, figuring out and utilizing your unique leadership style, building a personal network while meeting all kinds of new people, gaining marketable job-readiness skills -- or just having FUN...the options are endless! This interactive and engaging session will get you moving, meeting, and mesmerized with an in-depth look at all the ways you can intentionally map how your choice of extracurricular activities can count, now and for your future, to make a BIG DIFFERENCE to your RIC experience in myriad of ways.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: "Identity, Community, & Mutual Aid"

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 Join the Unity Center for conversation, activities, and ways to engage on campus that are directly related to issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. During our time together, we’ll explore the ways that identity informs community, and how the communities we build can use collective power to meet the individual needs that our systems don’t address. Key concepts we’ll talk about are, identity, equity, community, mutual aid, and structural power. Our hope is that you will walk away knowing more about yourself, your peers, and what’s available to you at RIC.

How to Register for Orientation and a Plus Program