Film Studies Program

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If you’re interested in filmmaking, movie reviewing, or other careers related to the entertainment industry, then you might be interested in a film studies major or minor.

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The Film Studies Program supports students with a passion for cinema in developing their skills, discovering their voices, and finding their paths. 

What We Offer

Rhode Island College’s Film Studies Program was ranked 12th Best in the Country by and ranked among the Top 15 Best Affordable Film Studies Degree Programs (Bachelor’s) in the country by Affordable Students in the film production track gain exposure to the basic principles and techniques of film production and screenwriting. Those in the film studies track learn to formally analyze cinema, its artistic qualities and its role in society. Through coursework, internships, and unique experiences such as our for-credit, two-semester narrative film production project (offered every other year), students have multiple opportunities to explore potential career paths, as well as to develop their creative vision and their critical skills. 

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