Graduate Committee Manual

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: By-laws regarding Graduate Curriculum Committee

1.1 ARTICLE on General Provisions Regarding Council Committees
1.2 ARTICLE on Graduate Committee

Chapter 2: Framework of the Graduate Curriculum Committee

2.1 The Organizational Position of the Graduate Curriculum Committee
2.2 The Responsibilities of Members
2.3 The Responsibilities of Officers
2.4 The Jurisdiction of the Graduate Committee
2.5 Relationship of the Graduate Committee to Other Bodies
2.5.1 Individualized Graduate Programs
2.6 Reporting Liaisons

Chapter 3: Procedures of the Graduate Curriculum Committee

3.1 Meetings
3.2 Agenda
3.3 Conduct of Meetings
3.4 Distribution of Materials
3.5 Deleting Courses from the Catalog

Chapter 4: Proposals and their Preparation

4.1 Types of Proposals
4.2 Information about the Preparation of Proposals affecting Programs or Courses
4.3 Proposal for the Revision of Existing Curricular Policy or Curricular Practice or for a New Curricular Policy or Curricular Practice
4.4 Glossary of Terms to be Used


Appendix I: Annual Reports

I-A. The Content of Graduate Committee Annual Reports
I-B. The Content of Graduate Committee Subcommittees Annual Reports

Appendix II: Report of the Graduate Committee Action to the Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and to the President

II-A Action Form

Appendix III: Policies Governing Off-Campus and Special-Format Courses

Appendix IV: Policy on the Administration of Interdisciplinary Courses

Appendix V: Guidelines for Certificate Programs

Appendix VI: Policy on x50, x60 and x80 Courses

Appendix VII: Policy on Mode of Instruction

Appendix VIII: Policy on Field Experience, Internship, and Practicum

Appendix IX: Policy on the Renumbering of Courses

Appendix X: FSEHD Policy on Continuing Education For-Credit Courses