James R. Langevin Center for Design, Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing

3-D Printer
What We Do

Providing state-of-the-art technology for RIC students, engage K-12 students in STEM career exploration and offering training space for manufacturing businesses.

Contact Information
The 5,100 square-foot space is named named after U.S. representative and alumnus Jim Langevin '90

About the Center

The Langevin Center for Design, Innovation, and Advanced Manufacturing at Rhode Island College and the Rhode Island STEAM Center are pleased to offer advanced manufacturing and design activities throughout the day. Learn more about the e-Now Solar Van and request demonstrations for 3-D printing, laser cutting, CNC operations and Robotics programming by contacting us.


  • Two programmable robots for automated manufacturing
  • Objet 24 and Objet 30 Pro 3-D printers
  • uPrint Special Edition 3-D Printer
  • 3-D Scanner to read objects and translate them into CAD files
  • FaroArm High-Precision Measurement Tool 
  • 50-Watt Laser Cutter for Plastics, Metals and Wood
  • Pneumatics Trainer to power machines and provide other manufacturing applications
  • Programmable CNC router