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Student with bold look of determination
What We Do

We are brand strategists, amplifying the college’s brand through an array of multimedia channels. We define and guide the college’s overall communication strategy and provide expertise to the RIC community.

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Executive Director, External Relations and Communications

Jeanette St. Pierre

When we look into the eyes of our students, we see it – 

a fierce determination, a spirit of resilience – and we know that they are coming to Rhode Island College to be inspired and challenged to discover that they’re bold enough to achieve their dreams.

That spirit of resilience – getting up after being knocked down and making a way where there is no way - is in the DNA of every member of the RIC community.

It is what powers us forward and it is what we all need right now.

Rhode Island College is much more than just a state college – we are a college built for the state of today’s world. With high-quality academic programs and one of the lowest tuition rates in the region, we are the best value in higher education in New England. 

We are a first-choice institution for students who are driven, passionate and determined. Our students haven’t had things handed to them.

They go for it. They work hard in pursuit of their goals and we do, too. 

In all that we do, we never give up – we get up. We keep moving forward. 

Some call it grit. We call it BOLD. 



As strategic partners with our colleagues across the campus, we prioritize our work around those projects that help us to • Tell stories of resilience, impact and success • Build brand awareness among our internal constituents • Create distinctive brand alignment with each academic school • Accelerate enrollment growth • Strengthen the college’s local, regional and national reputation • Engage new, diverse audiences • Deepen engagement among alumni • Fuel philanthropic investment in support of the college

Our Team


We provide a number of services regarding copywriting and public relations. We write copy for:
•    News articles
•    Press releases
•    Media advisories
•    Social media
•    Marketing communications/promotional copy (e.g., for brochures, electronic communications, etc.)

Outreach to media influencers, including press releases and media advisories, as well as for social media. (Often such outreach requires custom strategies and solutions.)

Three weeks

News articles, whether features for RIC News, the Rhode Island College Magazine or OpEds

 Three months

* Note: We cannot guarantee the placement of any copy with any external agency

We provide a number of design services for clients, including custom design, illustration and integration of custom photography, to create materials that promote and engage target audiences. 

Design project estimates account for multiple projects at any time, as well as for other projects that are institutional priorities. Projects are scheduled as received, although projects are also prioritized based on the college’s and division’s strategic priorities and goals.
We invite clients to discuss their needs and explore design and printing options that can positively impact their goals, while maintaining their budgets. 

Design projects typically require the following lengths of time to complete, once scheduled:

Promotional Flyers  (e.g., 8.5” x 11”) and Posters (e.g., 11” x 17”)

Two Weeks

Letterhead and Stationery

Two Weeks

Custom Illustrations and Infographics 
Cards and Invitations 
Event collateral (posters, signage, banners)

Three Weeks 

Books, brochures and booklets, various sizes, to produce an edition

Four months (minimum)  

Custom logos

Six months

Magazines, various sizes, to produce an edition

Nine months

We partner with external vendors to facilitate mailings to constituents.

Mailing processing can include inkjetting names onto printed pieces, printing the college’s official nonprofit mailing indicia, bundling, tabbing and delivery to U.S.P.S. 

Mailing is carried out under U.S.P.S. specifications and the sending office/division is notified/charged the amount of postage due for the respective mailing.

Time estimates for fulfilling mailings varies based on the size of the pieces being mailed, the quantity and the complexity of the project. 

For example, a single postcard being mailed to 15,000 individuals will cost less than (and be facilitated faster than) an invitation card which is inserted into an outgoing envelope of the same quantity. Likewise, the same invitation card and envelope will cost less than an invitation card inserted into an envelope along with an RSVP card and envelop, due to the number of pieces. 

First class mailings generally take two to three days to reach intended recipients

Two to three days    

Third class mailings can take one to two weeks to reach intended recipients

Two to three weeks    

We provide printing capability, primarily for smaller quantities of standard-sized materials, for projects that the office works on for clients. For larger quantities and custom-sized pieces, we facilitate printing with external vendors, and can assist in seeking quotes, packaging files and managing workflows with vendors.

In-house printing services are as follows, with respective turnaround times:

Flyer, 8.5” x 11” (under 500 copies) 
Brochure, 8.5” x 11” (folded, under 500 copies) 
Posters, 11” x 17” (up to 100 copies) 

Four-five business days    

Cards, various sizes, trimmed, using card stock (half sheet, quarter sheet, up to 500 sheets) 

Programs, 8.5” x 5.5” (half sheet, folded, stapled, under 500 copies)

Six to eight business days    

Books, 8.5” x 11” double-sided, from 100-400 pages (not bound, up to 500 copies) 
Books, 8.5” x 11” double-sided, from 100-400 pages (bound, up to 100 copies) 

Eight to 10 business days    

For flyers and brochures with a quantity over 500, the college has pricing through the Regine MPA.

The turnaround time to run them through Regine will be a minimum of two weeks, possibly longer depending on quantities.

External printing services

Two to three weeks  

(This time can account for P.O. creation, file preparation and proof generation by vendor, error correction, printing, finishing and delivery. Each external printing project varies in complexity and we will work with the vendor and client to best establish a transparent project schedule.)

* Estimates are for printing only. Projects are only printed once approved and print ready. All estimates include both color and black and white copies.

We meet with clients to discuss the goals of a given shoot as well as the expected uses of photo assets following a shoot. Photo shoots typically require the following lengths of time to complete, once scheduled:

Requesting Photo Assets

(requiring custom search within asset management system, and preparation of photos)

Three to five business days

Portrait photography

Five business days

Event photography

Seven to 10 business days

Custom Photography

(e.g., with models/individuals, for the purpose of illustrating news, academic program, campaign, etc.)

Off-campus location photography

may require seven to 15 business days (1-3 weeks) to coordinate and secure relevant permissions

On-campus photography

May require up to 10 days (2 weeks) to coordinate with campus constituents (faculty, staff, students) to secure venue, subjects, lighting and permissions

Photography requests during evenings and weekends

May require at least 10 business days (2 weeks) advance notice.* In the event OCCM is unable to provide coverage, we can recommend trusted vendors.

*Our normal business hours are 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.  


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