What Does IR Do?

Supports accreditation and assessment at the institutional, department, and program level.

Project Time of Year Completed
NECHE accreditation support As requested
Program-level accreditation support As requested
Program review support As requested
Administrative policy development process support On-going
Strategic Budget and Resource Committee (SBRC)—Director is a member Weekly
Strategic plan support As requested

Completes surveys for a variety of publications that prospective students use in selecting colleges, including publications that rank institutions.

Project Time of Year Completed
ACT Graduate April
ACT Undergraduate March
College Board December
Common Data Set November
Peterson's Graduate March
Peterson's Undergraduate February
Princeton Review March
US News and World Report/td> April-June
Wintergreen Orchard April

Data Management: The office helps to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and usability of the college’s data for a variety of purposes. We also create and maintain the official files for reporting, research, and analysis.

Project Time of Year Completed
Admissions: Create Official Term files Last day of add/drop each term (Fall & Spring)
CASBO (Committee on Administration Systems & Business Operations)—Associate Director is a member Monthly
CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) Codes—Assign and maintain for RIC On-going
Completions—Create official annual files July
Course & Enrollment—Create official term files Last day of add/drop each term (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Data Governance Council—Director co-chairs Ongoing
Data Integrity Committee—Associate Director chairs Ongoing
Employee—Create official file from data obtained from HR November
Faculty Load—Create official file Middle of fall and spring terms, dependent on payroll.
Faculty Salary—Create official file jointly with HR October
Grades and Credits—Create official end-of-term files Six weeks after the end of each term
OPC (Office Rhode Island Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner) Data Warehouse—Create and send files As requested

Gathers, maintains, and analyzes information on the college’s external context, including state legislation, labor market trends, competitor institutions, etc.

Project Time of Year Completed
External data on demographic, labor market, and other trends As requested
Institutional peer group—Develop and maintain On-going
Literature on key higher education issues—Maintain library on office shared drive On-going

Takes responsibility for ensuring that that college meets its external reporting requirements to the Federal government, state, accrediting agencies, and other organizations; completes or assists with a variety of surveys for such entities; responds to ad hoc requests from external constituencies when appropriate.


Project Time of Year Completed
AAUP (American Association of University Professors) Faculty Compensation Survey December
APRA (Access to Public Records Act) Process for non-financial requests On-going
Ad hoc requests—Respond to requests for data from external constituencies. On-going
CSWE (Council of Social Work Education) Annual Survey of Social Work Programs January
CUPA (College and University Personnel Association) Compensation Surveys -(Administrative, Faculty, and Professional Staff) December/January
IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) Fall Collection (Institutional Characteristics, Completions, 12-Month Enrollment) October
IPEDS Spring Collection (Fall Enrollment, Finance, Human Resources, Academic Libraries, Admissions) April
IPEDS Winter Collection (Student Financial Aid, Graduation Rates, 200% Graduation Rates, Outcomes) February
National and regional surveys (NSF, NEBHE, NCES, etc.) Depends on survey
NASAD (National Association of Schools of Arts & Design) HEADS (Higher Education Higher Education Arts Data Services) Survey January
NASM (National Association of Schools of Music) HEADS Survey January
NECHE (New England Commission of Higher Education) Annual Profile April/May
OPC Enrollment Report October
PBN (Providence Business News) surveys As requested
RI Performance Funding Initiative November

Represents the college in a number of organizations related to research and higher education policy.

Project Time of Year Completed
NEAIR (Northeast Association for Institutional Research) Finance Committee—Director is a member Several times a year
NEAIR Workshop Coordinator—Associate Director is a member Monthly
NECHE Institutional liaison—Director is a member On-going
OPC Data Warehouse Steering Committee—Director is a member On-going
State committees and organizations, other—Director is a member As requested

Generates standard reports each term to keep the campus community informed on key trends regarding enrollment, course taking patterns, faculty, etc.; also responds to ad hoc requests for data from internal constituencies.

Project Time of Year Completed
Ad hoc requests—Respond to request for data from variety of institutional constituencies On-going
Enrollment Projections Fall: July/August
Spring: December
Enrollment Tracking (via business intelligence dashboards and reports) Fall: September
Spring: November-January
Summer: April-June
Fact Book Spring term
Narrative Enrollment Report Fall: Late September/Early October
Spring: February
Summer: July
Narrative reports on specific survey results As requested
Narrative reports on topics (Retention, Transfer students, etc.) As requested
Official Census Report Fall: Late September
Spring: Mid-February
Quick Facts November
Retention Report November

Conducts institution-wide surveys of students, staff, and other constituencies on a variety of topics to support planning and assessment; manages the college’s survey research policy and assists other offices/units in developing and administering surveys that are approved through the policy.

Project Time of Year Completed
Alumni Survey, One Year Out, Graduate June-August (2017-2020)
Alumni Survey, One Year Out, Undergraduate June-August (2014-2020)
Campus Climate Working Group-Director is a member and office serves as official repository for Campus Climate survey data On-going
Graduate Student Survey March-April, (2016, 2017)
Homegrown surveys (to support college/department/unit policies and initiatives, etc.) As requested
NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) March-April, Every Other Year (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018)
National Surveys, other -(ECAR, etc.) As requested
Non-Returning Student Survey Beginning of each semester (2017, 2018)
Student Census March-April, Every Other Year (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016)
Survey of Accepted Students, Freshmen April-June (2013-2018)
Survey of Accepted Students, Transfers April-June (2015-2018)
Survey Research Policy—Manage policy for college On-going
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Office of Institutional Research and Planning

Institutional Research & Planning supports our students’ success by providing internal and external stakeholders with accurate, timely, appropriate and usable information and analysis for decision-making that propels the mission of the college forward.