Change of Major Request to Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS)

Current RIC students (still active as degree students) should complete this form if they wish to change their major to the BPS. The Common App is not required. All fields must be completed.

The Social Services concentration begins spring of 2022; Organizational Leadership begins fall of 2022.

Note:  Students may not double major if in the BPS degree.

Requests approved by the BPS Degree Liaison will be forwarded to the Director of Records at
Student Name
BPS Eligibility Requirements
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Please enter the name of company/organization, job title, number of hours/weeks, number of years/months. Make a new line for a new employment or military service record.

Please start with your most recent employment. Applicants need a minimum of 5 years of work experience as part of the admission requirements for a change of major to the BPS.

You will be notified via email of the decision by the BPS Degree Liaison.