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Professional Studies and Continuing Education Locations and Staff

Our Staff

Jenifer Giroux
Associate Vice President
(401) 456-8990

Dante Del Giudice
Transition Assistant
(401) 456-8091

Laura Faria-Tancinco
Coordinator of the ESL Intensive Program / Project ExCEL
(401) 456-6348 
(401) 288-1101

Lori A. Martin
Assistant Office Coordinator
(401) 456-8909

Our Staff

Lori Jordan
Director of the Workforce Development Hub

Nancy Miller
Director/Supervisor of Workforce Development

Kathy Kane Verruso
Coordinator/Supervisor of Workforce Development

Maria Christina Vallejo
Administrative Assistant

Lauren Lamendola
Director of Medical Assistant Training Programs

Jonathan Goyer
Director of the Rhode Island's Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative
Email: jonathan@recoveryfriendlyri.com
Website: https://recoveryfriendlyri.com

Doris Norman
Director of Case Management

Our Staff

Project Directors
Sue Pearlmutter, Provost’s Office
Jenifer Giroux, Professional Studies and Continuing Education

Program Director
Lisa Smolski, Office of Sponsored Projects

Programs Manager
Jennifer Carreiro, Professional Studies and Continuing Education 

Grant and Contract Specialist (Post Award)
Soraya Sundberg, Office of Sponsored Programs

Transition Manager
Dante Del Giudice, Professional Studies and Continuing Education