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What is Student Community Government?

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Founded in 1972 with the original goal of being the voice for all students, SCG continues today, with even more responsibility. Now, SCG recognizes and funds current and new student organizations on campus, which then provide engaging events for our student body.

SCG is made up of three groups. First is Parliament - a central forum for students to address issues and concerns affecting students at Rhode Island College. Second are the SCG committees, including the Finance Commission, which manages the distribution of funds to the various organizations, Student Organizations Commission, among more. Third, are the College and Council committees, which represent departments from all around campus. SCG members have the unique opportunity of sitting on all of these committees and getting a glimpse of what is happening around campus, and getting to have a say in it.

SCG works closely with many departments on campus, including Student Activities, New Student Programs, Dining Services, and even the Office of the President, granting our members with strong networking opportunities. We are always looking for ways to get involved on campus, and because we are involved everywhere, SCG is a great place to find a club you might love to join!


The SCG resources, forms, policies and more are accessible here on our website for all students. If you have additional questions or need a document that is not listed, please contact  

The following SCG Committees contribute to the successful management and promotion of SCG. Each committee's members are appointed by the SCG President. If you are interested in joining any of the following committees, please contact SCG President Matt Thureson.

  • Finance Commission 
  • By-Laws/Adjudication Commission 
  • Student Organization Committee
  • Elections Commission 
  • Public Relations Committee 
  • Personnel Evaluation Committee
  • Conditions and Services Committee 
  • Student Entertainment Committee 
  • Academic Affairs Committee  

These College Council Committees allow SCG members to be a presence not only in student activities, but in business happening all around campus as well.

  • Board of Education 
  • Academic Integrity Board  
  • Academic Standing Committee 
  • Academic Technology Advisory Committee 
  • Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Admissions Policy  
  • Bookstore Advisory Committee 
  • Calendar Committee 
  • Committee on Academic Advising  
  • Committee on Academic Policies and Procedures 
  • Committee on College Lectures 
  • Committee on College Mission and Goals 
  • Committee on Convocations 
  • Committee on General Education 
  • Committee on Student Life 
  • Committee on Online Learning 
  • Council of Rhode Island College 
  • Honorary Degrees Committee 
  • Library Advisory Committee 
  • Performing & Fine Arts Committee 
  • Student Conduct Board 
  • Traffic and Parking Committee 
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee 

Schedule 2022-2023, Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. 

  • September 2020 – 2, 16, 30 
  • October 2020 – 14, 28 
  • November 2020 – 4, 18 
  • December 2020 – 2 
  • January 2021 – 27 
  • February 2021 – 10, 24 
  • March 2021 – 31 (budget meeting/mandatory) 
  • April 2021- 7, 14 (budget meeting/mandatory), 21, 28 

Class elections will be held Wednesday, September 30th, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  

5/20/2020 Parliament and Finance 

6/10/2020 Parliament 

6/10/20 Election 

7/15/20 Election  

9/2/2020 Election 

11/4/2020 Finance  


Student Organizations

Browse our diverse group of student organizations which provide endless leadership and networking opportunities to create a more well-rounded co-curricular experience.

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Parliament Agenda

The parliament agenda is made up of a multitude of announcements and (from officers and Parliament representatives alike) to report on updates retaining their respected positions. Guest speakers/presenters alike are also brought in to discuss something they may feel needs to be discussed. Other materials, such as constitutions, conferences, reports, and more are discussed and voted upon.

How to Join Parliament - 4 "C"imple Steps!

Contact SCG

Contact the current Student Community Government President, Matt Thureson.


Take Out Petition

Visit the SCG Office in Student Union 401, and ask to take out a petition to join Parliament!

Collect Signatures from Your Peers

Once you have taken out a petition, get 35 signatures from students. Ask your friends, folks in Donovan, classmates, or even members of a club! As long as they're a RIC Student, they can sign.

Return Your Petition to SCG

Once you have 35 signatures from RIC students, return your petition to the office. Congratulations! You are officially on Parliament and part of SCG! Please note: You have one week from the date of taking out a petition to bring the completed copy back to SCG.