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For Immediate or Imminent Concerns

If a person's conduct is clearly or imminently reckless, disorderly, dangerous, or threatening to self or others, please Call 911 or Campus Safety, 401-456-8888. For a person experiencing a mental health emergency or life-threatening situation, Call 911, Campus Safety or go to your local emergency room.

The Rhode Island College CARE Team engages in proactive and collaborative approaches to provide early identification, review, and management for students of concern and in need of support.


The CARE team serves as a resource to the campus community by providing guidance for faculty and staff regarding how to seek assistance and refer students in need of support. In addition, the team seeks to create a network where the campus community can respond to situations involving students and work to connect them to essential support services on and/or off campus.

The CARE team aims to promote student wellbeing and success while prioritizing the safety of students and the RIC community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When you would like a specific Department (e.g., Residential Life, Counseling) to check-in with a student.
  2. When a student is repeatedly missing academic courses and you have non-imminent concerns about the student’s well-being.
  3. When you are concerned that a student does not have access to resources (e.g., Housing, Food, Funding to Purchase Books) to be successful at Rhode Island College.
  4. When a student experiences a death and is seeking additional support.

When you have an immediate concern regarding the safety of yourself, a student, or other members of the Rhode Island College Community, please contact Campus Police (available during/after business hours): 401-456-8888 or Call 911.

When you would like a direct phone consultation with a Counseling Services provider regarding a student concern, please contact Counseling Services (M-F 8:30am-4:30pm) at 401-456-8094.

The CARE Team has a specialty portal available through the Rhode Island College website to assist you in making referrals to the team. Please complete the CARE Team Referral form.

When making a referral, please have the following information available:

  1. Your Name, Department, Contact Number
  2. Student Name, Contact Number
  3. Specific Nature of Your Concern.
  1. The information you provide is sent electronically via a secure site to the CARE team committee chair and co-chair for review
  2. An initial review of the information will be completed to determine if immediate outreach is needed. In such cases, a team member will normally reach out to the student or the reporting person for additional information during normal business hours within 24-48 hours. Other cases may be discussed at a CARE team meeting to determine appropriate next steps
  3. The team will work to coordinate a response. They will develop a plan and assign an individual or case manager to lead its implementation. In some cases, the team may determine that is appropriate for the referring to follow up directly with the student. This is typically done when:
    • There is a pre-existing relationship between the student and the referring party 
    • Outreach using this method is supported by the referring party and likely to be supported by the student
  4. It is important to keep in mind that items discussed as part of the CARE team review is protected by the Family Educational Privacy Act (FERPA), and, as such, we are limited regarding what we can discuss regarding any student-specific information without the student's expressed consent. In addition, specific offices that serve on the CARE team are considered to be a confidential resource for students. These offices are governed under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). As such, these offices my provide general guidance and recommendations during meetings but will not disclose information about a student unless authorization has been provided by the student
  5. It should also be noted that the time for resolution is often undefined as each student's situation is unique and may require ongoing follow-up. The goal is to provide students with support and advocacy, connect them with resources, and empower them to self-advocate for their own best interest
HOPE Team Case Management Model
Davis, S. (2010, March). Helping from our friends: Case management and student affairs. Presentation at the NASPA Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

In alignment with departments such as Learning for Life, the CARE Team works under the Student Affairs Case Management Model. 

Team Members:

  • Dean of Students Office
  • Learning for Life
  • Disability Services Center
  • Institutional Equity/Title IX
  • Residential Life and Housing
  • Center for Health and Wellness (Health Services, Counseling Services and Health Promotions)*
  • Campus Safety
  • Legal Counsel (as needed)

* Additionally, the CARE team may extend an invitation to a faculty partner with expertise in the topic being discussed.
* While the Center for Health and Wellness is a confidential resource they attend CARE team meetings to offer general guidance.
* This team meets bi-weekly (or on an as-needed basis) to consult, review, and coordinate outreach for students of concern and in need of support.

While there are features that distinguish Starfish from the CARE referral form, it is important to note that when academic concerns are presented to the CARE team, the two areas converse to create a coordinated response plan to provide outreach and support to a student. 

Likewise, when Starfish receives a notification that pertains to the life circumstances of a student, this information may be shared with members of the CARE team. 

  • Starfish flag raising should be used for academically based intervention. The CARE team focuses on behavioral, mental health, and wellness and/or social intervention
  • The CARE team receives referrals that are anonymous. If a referring part wishes to make an anonymous referral of concerning or worrisome behavior, a case manager will evaluate the report and determine what follow up (if any) is necessary to address the concerns. Starfish is not anonymous
  • The CARE team receives referrals for all students (undergraduate and graduate). Currently, Starfish is designed as a tool targeted towards assisting first year students (although note sharing and scheduling tools are for all)
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