School of Social Work- C.U.S. in Social and Human Service Assistance


The Social and Human Service undergraduate certificate program provides the theoretical knowledge, values, and skills needed for entry-level positions in human services. In addition to taking courses, students participate in a required 100 hour or more fieldwork experience in one of the program's approved human services agencies.

C.U.S. Program in Social and Human Service Assistance

The rapid adoption of ‘healthcare home’ team-based models by primary care systems is an indication that collaborative, team-based, integrated physical and behavioral healthcare is rapidly emerging in Rhode Island.  Enrolled students will have to earn 15 credits in courses that are designed to enhance their understanding of how to function as part of an interprofessional team, understand social determinants of health, and develop competencies in engaging and supporting clients across a range of health conditions.   Students will complete 300 hours of internship each semester (600 total for the year) in a primary care setting functioning as a behavioral health clinician.

  1. A completed application form accompanied by a fifty-dollar nonrefundable application fee.
  2. Advanced year enrollment in good standing in the MSW program (or another related RI College Master’s level program). Awarding of the certificate for current students is to be accompanied by graduation from the MSW or other Master’s program.
  3. A detailed resume of your academic and professional credentials and experience
  4. Permission from the applicant to contact their first-year field supervisor (or Dept. Chair if from another program) in lieu of a reference letter.
  5. Permission from the applicant to review current transcripts
  6. A short statement (up to 500 words) detailing the reason for your interest in the CGS - Trauma Certificate program; include any experience with a related population along with any significant life events that may affect your interaction with clients.

First Semester

Course Title Credits Offered
SWRK 110 Introduction to Human Services


SWRK 111 Basic Interviewing Skills for Human Service Assistance


SWRK 112 Basic Writing Skills for Human Services 


SWRK 120 Generalist Practice Skills for Human Services



Second Semester

Course Title Credits Offered
SWRK 230 Advanced Skills for Human Services


SWRK 200 Introduction to Social Work


Fall, Spring, Summer.
SWRK 260 Integrative Seminar and Field Experience




  1. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 at the college level and a minimum GPA of 2.67 in all 300-level social work courses. No student will be allowed to enter a senior year field placement (Social Work 436) if their GPA falls below these standards.
  2. Students who receive a grade of C- or less in any required social work course must retake that course and receive at least a grade of C in order to proceed in the major. Students who receive a C- or less twice in the same course, will be dismissed from the major. 
  3. Students who receive an F in any required social work course or a C- or less in any two required social work courses will be dismissed from the major.
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