Unity Center Services

Students at Yuseff Salamm Event

The Unity Center is here to support:

  • LGBTQ+ and Cisgender Women Students

  • Pregnant Students and Parents

  • Interfaith Services

  • International, Immigrant, Undocumented, DACAmented and Refugee Students

Pregnant Students and Parents


Connecting Rhode Island College students with other future and current RIC parents and helpful resources. Connect with the Unity Center to receive community resources, learn about child care and scholarships.  

Lactation rooms are private spaces to breastfeed or pump throughout campus.  

  • Health Services, Browne Hall 
  • Gender and Women’s Studies, Adams Library 1B 
  • School of Nursing, Fogarty Life Science Building 
  • School of Social work, Guardo Hall 
  • Women’s Center, Lower Level Donovan Dining Center  

Child Care Opportunities

Student reading with child

Student Parent Association provides advocacy and resources to student parents at Rhode Island College to ensure academic excellence and success.  

As new parents, we understand that you might need to take a leave of absence as you welcome your new child. All medical leaves are handled by the Dean of Students

Interfaith Services 

Providing opportunities for prayer, workshop and meditation for support for faith-based student groups. Interfaith Services also provides workshops, lectures and community service opportunities to educate the Rhode Island college community about understanding and respecting different faiths and religions.  

Dante Tavolaro in Unity Center
Reverend Dante Tavolaro

Reverend Dante Tavolaro is the chaplain at Rhode Island College and offers spiritual counseling. The chaplain is on campus every Thursday from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Unity Center. 

Interfaith Services can provide students with a full list of addresses and contact information for places of worship located in the surrounding area.  Inquire with us about the following services we can provide contact information and addresses to: 

Apostolic Armenian Baptist Buddhist Catholic Chinese
Congregational Episcopal Greek Orthodox Islamic Jewish
Korean Lutheran Methodist Presbyterian Rama Krishna Other

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are additional questions you do not see on our page, please contact us at unitycenter@ric.edu

We do not provide pregnancy tests or Plan B. However, the Center for Health and Wellness on campus does provide pregnancy tests and you can visit local pharmacies for Plan B. 

East Campus 

Building Name Location # of Restrooms
Kauffman Center Main Floor 2
Guardo Hall (School of Social Work) First Floor 2
Yellow Cottage First and Second Floor 2
Forman Center Annex, First and Second Floor 6
Building 1 Ground Floor, First Floor 3
Building 2 Stairwell 1
Building 3 Ground Floor, First Floor 3
Building 4 First Floor 1
Building 5 First Floor, Second Floor 4
Building 6 Stairwell 1
Building 7 Ground, First Floor 3
Building 8 Stairwell, Ground Floor 2
Recreation Center Family Locker Room  

Main Campus

Building Name Location # of Restrooms
Adams Library Fourth Floor 2
Alex and Ani Hall Second Floor 1
Alger Hall 203G 1
Craig-Lee Hall    
Donovan Dining Center Mezzanine Level (Second Floor) 2
Fogarty Life Science First Floor 2
Horace Mann Hall Second Floor  1
Nazarian Center Room 144, 145, 211, 212 4
Roberts Hall - Backstage Room 115 and 116 2
Roberts Hall - President's Wing Room 404, 415, and 416 3
Sapinsley Hall Room 163 and 165 2
Student Union Fourth Floor 1
Student Athlete Success Center Ground Level, First Floor 2
Building 30 First Floor  2


Yes! We provide free tampons and pads for emergency situations. Band-aids and basic first aid supplies are available in the Unity Center. 

Yes! We provide free male condoms, female condoms, dental dams, flavored condoms and lubricant. We also provide resources about birth control options and STD/STI testing. 

Yes! All individuals who respect and advocate women and those that identify in the LGBTQ+ community are welcome in the space. 

Yes! You can ask to use a private office space to pump or breastfeed. You can also store your milk in the Unity Center refrigerator. 

Yes! Feel free to bring your children with you anytime. We have a few toys and coloring pages available to keep them entertained.  

Yes! Come have lunch with us anytime. We have a refrigerator and microwave are available for anyone to use. 

Yes! The space is always welcome to groups. Just check with our Coordinator to make sure another group does not already have the space reserved. 

If you are interested in getting involved, we do hire work study students. There are also volunteer opportunities if you would like to contribute to projects or events. 

We can provide peer support to students looking to discuss important issues, however we do not provide trained mental health providers. If you are looking for professional counseling, we encourage you to visit the Counseling Center on campus. 

“As a group, men have not been systematically denied access, faced gender oppression, or had to fight for equal rights based on gender or because of their status as men. However, this does not mean that men have not suffered because of our gender system or that individual men have not experienced cruelty and violence as a result of cultural issues related to misogyny, masculinity and gender expression. Women on the other hand, have historically experienced, and in many cases continue to experience, discrimination in areas such as representation, employment and salary equity. Men as part of other disenfranchised identity groups have had to fight for some of these rights, but not because they are men: in these cases, the fight has been about race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status and a variety of other issues.” (University of North Dakota)

The Records Office handles changes of information.

Change Information Form


International, Immigrant, Undocumented, DACAmented & Refugee Student Services

We are here to help students develop a global citizenship mindset, that helps them better understand their positionality in this world in order to better navigate it. We connect students to immigration services, introduce them to scholarship, internship and fellowship opportunities, and most importantly, provide them with a brave space to talk and meet other supportive allies.

Students with LGBTQ Flag

LGBTQ+ & Gender Services

Learn more about our safe, inclusive and brace space for students that identify or ally with the LGBTQ+ community. Gender fluid, non-binary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, two spirit, third gender and questioning individuals all welcome. We also provide a space for cisgender women who have experienced systemic gender-based oppression or have been denied access to structural rights.  

students walking on campus

Identity Specific Resources & Scholarships

There are many services on Rhode Island College campus for students, however, we understand the importance of sharing off campus resources and scholarship opportunities. 

Rhode Island College entrance

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Unity Center

The Unity Center serves as a brave space on campus for all students to engage in meaningful and critical conversations that challenge systems of oppression.