Web Requests

For us to best serve you, please submit all requests for new and updated web content using the Website Request form. Requests made over the phone or by email must be accompanied by the submission of the form for text-based referential and documentation purposes.

You will be notified by email when the request is completed. You will be asked to review the edited content to ensure the update is correct.

When submitting a request to Web Communications, the request should contain the following necessary information:

  • The complete website address(es) of the page(s) that you need edited/updated;
  • If changing the content of an entire page, please submit those updates in the form's content editor or in a Microsoft Word document;
  • If you need a very small edit completed, just copy an excerpt of the text into the form's content editor or into a Microsoft Word document and clearly note where the edit needs to be made.
  • If you have a graphic that you would like placed on the page, please attach the graphic file(s) (formats: .jpg, .png, .gif, or .psd) before sending.
  • For documents to be included on the webpage (usually Microsoft Word, Excel and/or Adobe .pdf) please attach the document(s) to the request with specific instructions on its placement on the webpage.

Types of Website Updates

There are different categories of website requests. A list is provided below with a description and appropriate time for completion:

Individual page edits of an existing website

This includes basic update requests to existing web pages (typos, updating old content, modifying dates) must be submitted with at least two (2) days notice;

Multiple page website edits of an existing website

This includes basic update requests to multiple existing web pages (typos, updating old content, modifying dates) must be submitted with at least five (5) days notice;

Creation of a new website, or major restructuring of an existing website

Please provide Web Communications with a timeline so that this type of update may be scheduled; a face-to-face meeting is recommended to get all specifications for new websites/ web projects.

Requests for new web page development or extensive web updates/edits, special projects, (new forms, updating whole sections of the website, inclusion of multiple graphics and/or multimedia, etc.) must be submitted with at least two (2) weeks notice.

Major Web Development Projects

Requests for major we development projects (those requiring specialized coding and logic) must be submitted with at least four (4) weeks notice depending on the complexity of the project. A face-to-face meeting is required for this type of project prior to the request being submitted.

Online forms development

For an online form request, please submit an email to Web Communications containing the following necessary information:

  • A Microsoft Word document (as an attachment) containing the form layout (the way you want the form to look);
  • A list of the required fields (the information that you absolutely have to have);
  • Any text instructions that you’d like to display on the form in order to make filling out the form easier;
  • Correct and up-to-date email address(es) where the form results will need to be emailed.

Please allow (one) 1 week for creating and testing the form before it will be published and placed into production.

Faculty Vitae/Faculty Profile pages

Updates: This includes basic edits to existing vitae/faculty profile page (typos, updating old content, modifying publications, office hours) and must be submitted with at least two (2) days notice;

New pages: This includes creating a new vitae/faculty profile (this includes making appropriate links to the directory and department website) and must be submitted with at least five (5) days notice