Concentration in Applied Technology

The concentration in Applied Technology does not lead to teaching certification, but will prepare students to make informed career choices in technical fields.

  1. Minimum grade point average of 2.50 in each semester.
  2. PPST is not required for program admission
  3. PLT not required for program exit

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
TECH 200Introduction to Technological Systems and Processes3
TECH 202Design Processes3
TECH 204Energy and Control Systems3
TECH 216Computer-Aided Design3
TECH 306Automation and Control Processes3
TECH 326Communication Systems3
TECH 327Construction Systems3
TECH 328Manufacturing Systems3
TECH 329Transportation Systems3
TECH 430Internship in Applied Technology6
TECH 431Capstone Design Project4


CSCI 157Introduction to Algorithmic Thinking4
CSCI 201Computer Programming I3
MGT 301Foundations of Management3
MGT 331Occupational and Environmental Safety Management3
MATH 209Precalculus Mathematics4
MATH 212Calculus I (*)4
MATH 247Calculus: A Short Course (**)3
PHYS 101General Physics I4
PHYS 102General Physics II4
* Students planning to take MATH 213 should take MATH 212, which is its prerequisite.
** Students cannot gain credit for both MATH 212 and MATH 247.

Total Credit Hours



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