Courses Available

High schools enter into a partnership with RIC by identifying and offering certain college preparatory courses for EEP credit, which may also include Honors or AP courses. The courses are considered equivalent to corresponding courses at RIC. Once the course content has been approved by the RIC Faculty Liaison, each course is given the name and number of its corresponding RIC course.

The availability of EEP courses depends upon the high school. Some schools may offer as many as 15 courses, and some offer as few as one. The diversity of courses is extensive. For more information, see the Participating High Schools link to see what your high school offers and the name of the on-site coordinator (the contact person at your high school).

ACCT 201 3 Principles of Accounting I: Financial
ACCT 202 3 Principles of Accounting II: Managerial
ANTH 118E 3 Anthropology
ART 201 4 Visual Arts in Society
BIOL 111 4 Introductory Biology I
BIOL 112 4 Introductory Biology II
CHEM 103 4 General Chemistry I
CHEM 104 4 General Chemistry II
CIS 251 3 Computers in Management
ECON 200 4 Introduction to Economics
ECON 214 3 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 215 3 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENGL 113 4 Approaches to Drama
ENGL 118E 4 Introduction to the Literary Experience
FIN 230 3 Personal Finance
FREN 113 4 Intermediate French I
FREN 114 4 Readings in Intermediate French II
HED 115 2 Fundamentals of First Aid and CPR
HIST 117E 4 Special Topics in History
HIST 118E 4 History 150: Topics in U.S. History to 1877
HIST 119E 4 History 150: Topics in U.S. History from 1877
ITAL 113 4 Intermediate Italian
ITAL 114 4 Readings in Intermediate Italian
LATN 101 4 Elementary Latin I
LATN 102 4 Elementary Latin II
MATH 117E 3 Calculus: A Short Course
MATH 118E 4 Statistics in the Everyday World
MGT 100 3 Introduction to Business
MUS 117E 3 Electronic Music
MUS 118E 3 Digital Audio Production I
MUS 119E 3 Digital Audio Production II
MUS 201 4 Survey of Music
MUS 203 4 Elementary Music Theory
PED 201 3 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
PHYS 118E 4 Fundamentals of Physics I
PHYS 119E 4 Fundamentals of Physics II
POL 200 3 Introduction to Political Science
POL 202 4 American Government
POL 204 4 Introduction to Political Thought
PORT 113 4 Intermediate Portuguese
PORT 114 4 Readings in Intermediate Portuguese
PSYC 110 3 Introduction to Psychology
SPAN 113 4 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 114 4 Readings in Intermediate Spanish
TECH 205 3 Production Processes
TECH 216 3 Computer-Aided Design
TECH 327 3 Construction Systems

Page last updated: March 3, 2015