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Student Teaching

Office of Partnerships and Placements

In cooperation with the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development's (FSEHD) teacher preparation undergraduate and graduate programs, the Office of Partnerships and Placements (OPP) is responsible for administering and developing programs in education that connect theoretical knowledge and professional application. FSEHD teacher candidates and intern students are placed only in the highest quality field experiences possible. There are four basic clinical programs: observation, practicum, student teaching and internship. The OPP is also responsible for all placements where FSEHD students travel to a school or field site to observe, teach mini units, and/or work with teachers or clinical instructors in a setting outside the college. Pre-service teacher preparation candidates are predominately placed in Feinstein School's thirty-two Adobe PDFpartnership school districts and at Henry Barnard School, a laboratory school on campus. Candidates seeking advanced degrees are placed in public schools and clinics, and in other public and private agencies. The Office of Partnerships and Placements provides cooperating teachers and clinical instructors with information to familiarize them with the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development's teacher preparation programs. Cooperating teachers are also asked to participate in a Training/ Professional Development Workshop prior to their work with teacher candidates, in order to be introduced to the assessments used in student teaching the use of Chalk and Wire for data entry.

Teacher Candidates, Cooperating Teachers and College Supervisors.

Contact Information

Liz Garofalo, Director
Horace Mann 101

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Page last updated: April 13, 2015