Bonnie MacDonald

Whipple Hall (WH) 205
(401) 456-9656

Academic Background

  • B.A., Framingham State College
  • M.A., Rhode Island School of Design
  • Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Courses Taught

ART 691 Thesis
ARTE 591 Readings&Research in Art Educ
ARTM 523 Digital Portfolio I
ARTM 524 Digital Portfolio II
ARTM 541 Media Aesthetics
ARTM 579 Media Studies Internship
ARTM 590 Directed Study Media Studies
COMM 242 Message,Media and Meaning
COMM 246 Television Production
COMM 342 Hist & Dev of Electronic Media
COMM 345 Digital Media Production
COMM 450 Topics
COMM 490 Independent Study
COMM 492 Senior Portfolio
FILM 450 Topics:
FILM 479 Film Studies Internship
FILM 490 Directed Study


Dr. Bonnie MacDonald teaches in the Communications Department, the Film Studies Program, and the Media Studies Program. Her research interests are in digital video, digital media, coming of age films, and visual culture. Her work has included productions in a variety of visual media as well as in performance art.

Research Interests

  • Media Studies / Imaging
  • Hypermedia
  • Coming-of-age films
  • Digital movie-making
  • Printmaking

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