Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

The Rhode Island College Physical Education Teacher Preparation program provides high-quality learning experiences from a nationally accredited institution. The Department of Health and Physical Education (HPE) offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education along with the option of a coaching minor. The department also provides students the opportunity to earn all courses and competencies towards a Certification in Adapted Physical Education in the State of Rhode Island.

Best practices, scientifically based approaches, experiential learning, and community engagement are integrated in all courses and programs of study. A graduate of this program will be able to:

  • Teach diverse students
  • Plan, implement and assess skills-based physical education
  • Collaborate with professionals in the field to experience best practice
  • Advocate for physical education
  • Reflect on lessons and learn strategies to make teaching better
  • Be a leader in the field of physical education

The Health and Physical Education Department at Rhode Island College also offers two non-teacher certification options for individuals interested in wellness and fitness but who will seek employment outside of the K-12 school setting. For more information on our Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health and Wellness, with a concentration in either Wellness and Movement Studies or Recreation and Leisure Studies please click here to bring you to the appropriate website.

Admission Requirements

  1. Consult the Feinstein School of Education website for general requirements.
  2. Program specific requirements are PED 140 with a minimum grade of B- and PED 243 with a minimum grade of B-.

Retention Requirements

  1. A minimum overall grade point average of 2.50 each semester.
  2. A minimum grade of B- in Physical Education 302, 413, and 414; and a recommendation to continue from the instructors of each course.
  3. There is a minimum grade requirement for all other required, professional and cognate courses. Please check with your advisor for more information.
  4. Completion of the Professional Service Retention Requirement prior to enrolling in Physical Education 426.

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
HED 102Personal Health3
PED 140Introduction to Movement Sciences3
PED 206Fundamental Movement and Its Analysis3
PED 243Foundations of Movement3
PED 301Principles of Teaching Activity3
PED 409Adapted Physical Education3
PED 410Evaluation and Measurement in Physical Education3
PED 411Kinesiology3
PED 412Organization and Administration of Physical Education Programs: Prekindergarten through Grade Twelve3
PED 420Physiology Aspects of Exercise3

Activities Courses

PED 207Motor Skill Development for Lifetime Wellness I3
PED 208Motor Skill Development for Lifetime Wellness II3
PED 247Rhythmic Movement3
PED 323Teaching In Adventure Education3
Note: Students must also demonstrate basic-level competency in aquatics by providing evidence of satisfactory completion of an entry-level or higher swimming course or its equivalent prior to student teaching. Materials explaining ways to fulfill this requirement are available in the Department of Health and Physical Education.
Note: Students must present current certification in basic first aid and adult-child-infant CPR and AED in order to student teach.

Professional Courses

CEP 315Educational Psychology3
FNED 346Schooling in a Democratic Society4
PED 302Practicum in Team Activities3
PED 413Practicum in Creative Movement and Dance3
PED 414Practicum in Individual and Dual Activities3
PED 426Student Teaching in Physical Education10
PED 428Student Teaching Seminar in Health and Physical Education2


BIOL 108Basic Principles of Biology (*)4
BIOL 231Human Anatomy4
BIOL 335Human Physiology (**)4
SPED 300Introduction to the Characteristics and Education of Children and Youth with Disabilities4
* Fulfills the Natural Science category of General Education.
** Fulfills the Advanced Quantitative/Scientific Reasoning category of General Education

Total Credit Hours


Specialization in Adapted Physical Education

Students who anticipate working with special populations must meet the following additional requirements in order to qualify to take the Specialization in Adapted Physical Education Course:

  1. Maintain a minimum grade of B in each of the following courses: PED 302, 409, 413, 414, 415; and SPED 300/433.
  2. A minimum of three full weeks of documented hands on experience with K–12 schoolchildren in an adapted physical education setting under the supervision of a certified Adapted Physical Educator in the state of RI. Speciἀc requirements to earn an adapted Physical Education Certificate in the state of RI are met during this course.

Program coordinator

Kerri Tunnicliffe
Associate Professor
The Murray Center
(401) 456-9689

Page last updated: March 3, 2015