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June 6, 2022: Mask Policy Update & COVID Test Kits Available from COVID-19 Response Team
Message to campus community

RIC COVID-19 Mitigations

Summer (beginning May 16) & Fall 2022

Subject to change per COVID-19 Community Burden Level*

Per policy of Council on Postsecondary Education, all RIC students, faculty and staff must be up to date on vaccinations or have an approved medical or religious exemption.

Up to date means:

  • Fully vaccinated, 2 weeks after completion of 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna or one dose of J&J


  • One booster. (A second booster shot is now encouraged for people over the age of 50 and those who are immunocompromised over the age of 12, but not required)

Students and non-classified employees not up to date (either due to an approved exemption or in the vaccination process) will be required to test regularly.  Students not in compliance will not be allowed on campus, and non-classified employees not in compliance may be subject to disciplinary action.

Students, Faculty, and Staff with approved exemptions will be required to test regularly at the Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) asymptomatic testing site. Members of the RIC community who are not experiencing symptoms are welcome to test at this site. Testing site hours for the summer: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. in Yellow Cottage.

Starting May 16 through August 26, 2022
Summer Testing is available:
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm or by appointment (401-456-8055)
Yellow Cottage (facing Rec Center-behind Forman Center)
No Appointment necessary. RIC ID is required for entry and testing.

If you are up to date with your vaccine and booster and have had a contact with a positive case, you may test at
the asymptomatic clinic, as long as you have remained asymptomatic. If symptomatic, students should contact
Health Services at 401 456-8055 and commuters should test off campus. 

If you are an employee and have symptoms, you should not come to campus.  You may call Human Resources for more direction and information at 401-456-8216.

There are no clinics scheduled at this time. For more information, contact Center for Health Services at 401-456-8055.

  • Students living on campus please contact CHW to schedule a test.
  • Commuter students, please contact your primary care provider to schedule a test and contact CHW if positive.
  • Faculty and staff, please contact your primary care provider to schedule a test and contact Human Resources if positive.

Students: CHW will no longer perform routine contact tracing. The Rhode Island Department of Health will conduct contact tracing and CHW will assist with any identified outbreaks.

Faculty and Staff: Human Resources will continue to perform routine contact tracing for employees testing positive for COVID-19. 

  • All students, faculty and staff must self-screen before coming to campus. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 you should take a COVID-19 test and only come to campus if that test is negative. (This is particularly important during allergy season, so seasonal allergy sufferers can feel confident that they are safely entering the workplace. But as a reminder, even if an employee receives a negative COVID-19 test and they cannot attribute their symptoms to seasonal allergies, they should stay out of the workplace, so they do not expose their co-workers, clients and customers to other viruses or contagions.)
  • Any asymptomatic students, faculty and staff who are exposed to someone with COVID-19 should get tested before coming to campus.

Masks will be optional on the RIC campus – with the exception of select settings. Masks will still be required in all classrooms, faculty offices and classroom labs, and student services offices (i.e., Student Health Services, Counseling Center, Disability Services and tutoring), unless the professor, staff member or tutor expressly waives that requirement.

Social distancing is no longer required.

The College will continue to provide accommodations to working conditions and/or adjustments to employment requirements for those employees in high risk categories.  Employees that were previously approved for such work adjustments/accommodations do not need to reapply, however, please contact Maggie Sullivan at to confirm that you wish to continue the same arrangement.  A separate notification will be distributed that details the list of high risk categories and how to apply.

Students who have medical conditions associated with higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 may continue to request accommodations through the Disability Services Center.  To request accommodations, students should contact the DSC at or 401-456-2776 and submit documentation from a qualified professional verifying the presence of the high-risk condition.  DSC staff will work with students on an individualized basis to develop accommodations that will facilitate students’ meaningful access and continued engagement in their academic programs.

RIC reserves the right to adjust COVID-19 mitigation plans for events at any time based on the increased risk of cases, transmissions, etc. Masks are optional and vaccinations and boosters are highly recommended but not required. Event spaces are will not require physical distancing. Event attendees and visitors with COVID-19 symptoms are asked not to arrive on campus. Event hosts must provide in writing health and safety mitigation plans that include but are not limited to: an action, and communication plan in the event a positive case is identified, optional testing, daily health and wellness checks, etc. All visitors to RIC must be registered with a campus host. 

  • As a precaution, we strongly suggest that students and employees who travel domestically or internationally related to RIC take a COVID-19 test upon their return and three to five days after their return. Also, the CDC recommends that any individuals who are not up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations consider delaying travel until they are fully vaccinated. For CDC travel guidelines regarding international travel, please visit COVID-19 Country Specific Information ( and COVID-19 by County | CDC for community levels by county for domestic travel.
  • The restriction on RIC-related international travel has also been lifted, but students and employees should heed the CDC guidance on delaying travel until they are fully vaccinated and should test three to five days upon their return, as stated in the procedures section of the policy.

Air quality will be maintained in buildings by the introduction of fresh outdoor air from the mechanical ventilation systems.  Systems will introduce as much fresh air as possible while still maintaining occupant comfort. RIC will continue with extended hours of ventilation within buildings (2 hrs. before and 2 hrs. after occupancy)  to further improve air quality. Filters on Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Equipment will be continue to be changed out per schedule.  MERV 13 filters are being used on all systems that will allow their use. Air purifiers have also been installed in some spaces on campus to assist with air quality.  Additional air purifiers are available for installation if needed.

COVID-19 by County | CDC

Community Burden Levels

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If you are immunocompromised or at high risk for severe disease, learn more about how to protect yourself with additional CDC recommendations for each COVID-19 Community Level.


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