Fall Opening 2021 - Appendix B

Fall 2021 RIC Travel Policy & COVID-19

These supplemental travel policies shall be in effect while RIC is in Moderate, Substantial or High risk due to COVID-19.


Students taking part in RIC-sponsored out-of-state travel, must be fully vaccinated, and proof of their vaccination must be accepted in MediCat.

Student Athletes:

  • For athletes, pending additional information from the NCAA and the Little East conference, unvaccinated and partially vaccinated student-athletes will be allowed to practice on campus but be masked at all times, and must complete three tests a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.
  • At this time these student-athletes will be prohibited from competition at home or away.
  • Off campus travel will be restricted until further notice to no overnight travel, no restaurants, with take-out food being the option on the road.
  • All student-athletes will be required to test under the guise of the Department of Athletics within 24 hours of competition whether home or away.
  • All spectators as well as officials, indoors as well as out, will be required to wear masks and retain recommended social distancing.
  • Face coverings must be worn by all student-athletes and Tier 1 members (i.e., coaches, trainers, etc., this pertains to Tier I members of visiting teams as well) at practice and competition, inside and out, unless they are engaged in physical activity.
  • Regardless of vaccination status, and per NCAA policy, all student-athletes will be masked when on college-sponsored transportation.
  • Practices will be conducted within stable groups not to exceed 26 per RIDOH recommendations.
  • These policies are in effect until October 1st, at which time they will be reviewed in conjunction with the latest updates from both local and national authorities.

Student Groups:

  • Student groups requesting to travel off-campus must receive permission from the Dean of Students and the Director of Student Health Services to ensure the proposed trip is aligned with local, state and federal public health guidelines and regulations.
  • Please allow two (2) weeks for approval. Students and student groups requesting to participate in college-sponsored travel should not book travel arrangements until travel has been approved.

Study Abroad:

  • Students seeking to study abroad must receive permission from the Director of Study Abroad and the Director of Student Health Services to ensure the proposed trip is aligned with local, state and federal public health guidelines and regulations, and are not allowed to travel to countries experiencing orange or red-level transmission rates of COVID-19.
  • In addition, all host partners must provide COVID-19 contingency plans. Students traveling must also sign the Rhode Island College COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form.
  • All employees taking part in college-sponsored travel out of state — or employees leading college-sponsored travel off campus for students or colleagues — must be fully vaccinated, and proof of their vaccination must be provided to Human Resources, who will hold this information in confidence.
  • All travelers must also adhere to any visitor guidelines specified by the location or institution they are visiting.
  • Travel will only be allowed if it is deemed essential (see definitions below), including being mission critical and/or needed for tenure/promotion purposes for full-time tenure-track faculty members.
  • Faculty requests for essential travel must be reviewed by the Dean and approved by the Office of the Provost. A form for approval will be available on Provost’s Office website. Please allow two weeks for approval and do not book travel until approved.
  • Staff travel must be pre-approved by the employee’s vice president, have vaccination status confirmed by Human Resources and be approved by the Director of Student Health Services. Please allow two (2) weeks for the approval
What is essential academic travel for faculty and students?
  • Faculty and students may travel when the purpose of that travel is deemed to be necessary for academic progress and cannot reasonably be postponed or handled remotely (i.e., to conduct research, to present research at an academic conference, to participate in an internship or academic experience required for graduation, or for a similar educational or co-curricular experience, etc.).
  • Academic Scholarship:
    • Travel required for a professional purpose that is necessary and cannot reasonably be postponed or handled remotely.
    • Is necessary to preserve the safety/well-being of research subjects and/or participants.
    • Preserves the continuity of research that cannot reasonably be repeated, replaced or performed remotely.
    • Is deemed necessary and time-sensitive for tenure and promotion of faculty.
    • Advances critical research in the national or global interest.
  • College Business
    • Travel that is mission-critical to and necessary for the core educational and business functions of the college presently or for the continuation of those core functions in the future, such as recruiting, performance on grant and contract deliverables, or participation in vital partner/inter-institutional consortium/organizational meetings, etc.