Fall Opening 2021 - Campus Space Use


The Space Planning group consisted of faculty and staff of diverse backgrounds, chaired by the vice president of Academic Affairs and the associate director for Facilities and Operations. The group was tasked with the following areas of the ACHA Considerations for Reopening Plan:

  • Masking and physical distancing
  • Campus access for visitors and the public
  • Instruction and learning environments (Cross-over to academic planning)
Low (Blue) Transmission

When the campus is operating in the Low (Blue) transmission level:

  • Facilities will NOT be set-up for social distancing or one-way traffic.
  • All lounge spaces, common spaces, computer labs and other shared facilities will be fully open.
  • Cleaning protocols will consist of routine cleaning, with weekly emphasis on high-traffic common areas.
  • Minimal signage will be posted to avoid “sign fatigue.”
Moderate (Yellow) Transmission

At the Moderate (Yellow) transmission level, the following mitigation protocols will be initiated:

  • Cleaning protocols will increase to include weekly misting of high-traffic areas.
  • Signage will be updated to include information on mask wearing, hand washing, etc.
  • Events will continue on campus; however, food will be individually packaged.
Substantial (Orange)/High (Red) Transmission

At the Substantial (Orange) and High (Red) transmission level:

  • The campus will not be open to the general public, with exceptions noted in RIC Fall 2021 Guidelines for RIC Events (Appendix A), in order to assure contact tracing.
  • Ambassadors will be used to screen guests at larger indoor events and at Donovan Dining Center.
  • Space-planning protocols for social distancing and classroom set-up (minimum three feet) will be instituted.
  • Routine cleaning will be supplemented by increased touch-point cleaning and misting.
  • Mask wearing will be required by all.
  • Social distancing will be required both indoors (minimum three feet) and outdoors.
  • Plexiglass shielding will be reimplemented, along with one-way directional signage.
  • Events will be allowed per RIC Fall 2021 Guidelines for RIC Events (Appendix A)