Fall Opening 2021 - Dining Services


Dining Services is an essential service provider supporting multiple guest cohorts, seven days a week in the Donovan Dining Center and The Beestro (formerly the Café). Dining Services offers catered and vending-based services in multiple locations across campus. Changes have been implemented to support the timely pivoting between transmission levels in order to safely offer the maximum range of services. A synopsis of Dining Services’ approaches to changes in transmission levels is as follows:

Low (Blue) Transmission

In a Low (Blue) transmission scenario, all dining services and venues will continue as they were prior to COVID-19. Dining Services will remain vigilant and continue to employ many of its COVID-19 mitigation practices to minimize the transmission of other illnesses to guests and staff.

Moderate (Yellow) Transmission

In a Moderate (Yellow) transmission scenario, all dining-related services and venues will remain available to the college community. Dining Services will demonstrate a heightened safety posture while maintaining proven mitigation practices, including, but not limited to, cleaning/disinfecting, mask usage and distancing. Dining Services will remain poised to immediately implement a wider array of mitigation actions should conditions warrant.

Substantial (Orange)/High (Red) Transmission

In a Substantial (Orange)/High (Red) transmission scenario, the safe provision of essential services for residents will be prioritized, with nonessential services limited or paused. Enhanced cleaning, menu and serving modifications and increased distancing will be initiated to minimize transmission.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Dining Services will operate in accordance with its COVID Service Framework, the Dining Services COVID-19 Reopening Plan and the guidance of the RIDOH and the CDC.