Fall Opening 2021 - Student Life


The Office of Student Life encompasses a variety of areas, including Student Activities; the Student Union, which oversees campus programming, student organizations, Greek Life, community service, leadership development and civic engagement; the Unity Center, which oversees LGBTQ+ student support, international, immigrant, undocumented, DACAmented and refugee student support and interfaith services; and the Military Resource Center. This document will only outline Student Life’s operations as they pertain to programs and student organizations.

Low (Blue) Transmission

In a Low (Blue) transmission scenario, all functions will resume as they were prior to COVID-19. Programming will primarily be held in-person; student organizations will be free to book rooms, meet and host programs and not have any additional recommended restrictions for travel/off-campus events. Programs and meetings hosted both by the office and student organizations will follow space limitation and food safety requirements as designated by the college. Students who self-identify as unvaccinated will still be required to wear masks. Some meetings, trainings, programs, etc. may still be hosted virtually if we have found them to be more effective than the in-person options held prior to the pandemic.

In anticipation of shifting transmission levels, as much as possible, contracted programming (performers, speakers, vendors, etc.) will be selected based on their ability to easily shift from an in-person to a virtual format. Conditions about shifting requirements due to COVID will be written into contracts.

Moderate (Yellow) Transmission

In a Moderate (Yellow) transmission scenario, office and student organization programs and meetings will still occur in-person and follow space limitation and food safety requirements. However, the following changes will be made:

  • Programs and meetings that cannot accommodate the updated space restrictions will be moved either to a larger space or to a virtual format.
  • Spaces will be set up to ensure a minimum distance of three feet between all attendees. (Support will be needed from Anchor Health Ambassadors, CECS, Physical Plant, etc.).
  • As they are available, ambassadors will be used to screen attendees.
  • Put up signage related to COVID-19 restrictions outside major programming areas (the Quad, Gaige 100, Gaige 200, the Student Union Ballroom and Alger 110).
  • Student organizations will be advised to limit their travel and off-campus events to in-state travel and in-state events or to those states with CDC determined Low (Blue) to Moderate (Yellow) community indicators.
Substantial (Orange)Transmission/High (Red) Transmission

In a Substantial (Orange)/High (Red) transmission scenario, office and student organizations programs and meetings will be subject to: