President Frank D. Sánchez

President Frank D. Sanchez


A higher education leader with a background in student affairs, President Sánchez was appointed as the 10th president of Rhode Island College in 2016. Guided by the college's Building Futures plan, he has led the transformation of the college's physical plant with more than $100M in investments and positioned the college as a first-choice institution for first-generation students, particularly students of color. 

"We must ensure that the next generation of leaders have critical thinking skills coupled with empathy, compassion and care to make this state and world a better place. We must foster a climate where all students feel valued, supported, encouraged and educated. This is our collective mission."

-Frank D. Sánchez

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Rhode Island College is a first-choice institution of opportunity for Rhode Islanders, including both traditional and nontraditional students continuing their education. Our mission is clear - to deliver an accessible, high-quality, affordable education to all who seek it and to support Rhode Islanders at every step as they pursue their goals; to develop the skilled, highly-educated workforce that will lead Rhode Island into a BOLD future.

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Master Plan

Learn more about our comprehensive master plan that covers selective aspects of site and facility planning.

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Strategic Plan

The tangible and transformational change we seek begins and ends with each of us – together, as one college with one vision. Together, we are developing bold solutions and a commonly held plan to ensure that our institution thrives well into the future.

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