Presidential Remarks and Campus Communications

President giving commencement address
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A compact with Rhode Islanders for a stronger Rhode Island | February 5, 2021

We must unequivocally support Rhode Island in its economic recovery by delivering an exceptional education that is both affordable and convenient to all Rhode Islanders who seek it. I am calling on our college community to now lead with the same vigor, innovation, and creativity we saw this past year in response to COVID-19 and advance of Rhode Island College compact with Rhode Islanders. 

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National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15, 2021); "Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope" | September 15, 2021

Today is the first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15, 2021) and this year’s national theme, "Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope," captures the motto of Rhode Island and the spirit of Rhode Island College.

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FY2022 Budget Testimony | May 17, 2021

In collaboration with state stakeholders, we commit to ensuring ALL Rhode Islanders have access to a high-quality, post-secondary education that drives social mobility and economic prosperity for Rhode Island residents.

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Commencement Address | May 13-16, 2021

This past year has been one we will never forget. A global pandemic has impacted every aspect of our daily lives, including your fall and spring semester of classes and now your commencement ceremony. Through a series of six celebrations this week, the college community will celebrate the accomplishments of more than 1,700 graduates-including 1,419 earning baccalaureate degrees and 315 earning masters and doctoral degrees.

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We Must Be the Change | April 21, 2021

The Rhode Island College community will not look the other way on issues of racism, hate, and bias. In fact, we are proactively taking bold, meaningful steps to address these issues. There is rarely a good time to have uncomfortable conversations even in educational settings. With this said, we will not send another statement vowing to make change; we must be the change.

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Working to Build a Safer, More Inclusive Future | March 19, 2021

We believe in a vision where every member of our diverse community feels safe and secure, and we promise to continue working to build a safer, more inclusive future.