Academic Advisor Wins National Award

Academic Advisor Lindsay Petrarca stands against a white background
Rhode Island College Impact

Lindsay Petrarca from the RIC Office of Academic Advising received the Steven J. Bailey Advisor of the Year Award from the National Academic Advising Association.

“I love being a part of the RIC community, and helping to ensure students have a positive experience,” shares academic advisor Lindsay Petrarca. 

Petrarca recently won the prestigious Steven J. Bailey Advisor of the Year Award and reflects on her experiences leading up to this accomplishment. 

This award was bestowed by the Rhode Island chapter of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), which is a national and global organization for academic advising. The Steven J. Bailey Advisor of the Year Award recognizes somebody “who demonstrates qualities and practices that make significant contributions to the improvement of academic advising.”

“It feels nice to be recognized by my peers for this award. I never expected to win something like this,” says Petrarca. “I have learned a lot from the organization over the years and being involved with NACADA has helped to shape the advisor I am today.”

Though she may not have expected to win the award, Petrarca’s work ethic, enthusiasm, and dedication to her students shows.

“The aspect I enjoy most in my role is working with students directly,” says Petrarca. “I learn so much from the students I work with every day and even being a small part of their journey at RIC is exciting.”

Petrarca has been an academic advisor for six years now and spent the last year and a half working in the Office of Academic Advising at Rhode Island College. She began her time at RIC in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted how advising can take place. 

“While we may need to meet with and connect with students in new ways like virtual meetings, it has been exciting to see the opportunity for more access to advising,” reflects Petrarca. “I think COVID has emphasized the importance of advising overall and reaching out to students to ensure they are supported in times of transition and new experiences.”

Petrarca believes in holistic advising, meaning that she takes into account not only what students need academically, but also the other factors and things they may have going on in their lives that impact their planning. 

“Students have so many priorities to balance along with being in school,” she shares. “[That] is why I believe holistic advising support is so important, and I am grateful to be part of a team that is putting students first every day.”