Renowned Filmmaker Features RIC Dancers in New Film

A Different Day

"We're protesting in the streets to fight for equal rights. We're shot in the streets because we don't have equal rights. And then we're rioting in the streets to show how angry we are, which only leads to us hurting each other – same old stuff, different day."

RIC Director of Dance Angelica Cardente-Vessella has partnered with celebrated filmmaker and choreographer Marta Renzi to create a short film titled "A Different Day."

This work features members of the RIC Dance Company, who performed in socially distanced locations under the direction of Renzi, then sent in their videos for Renzi to edit and turn into this beautifully introspective piece. Throughout the film, the dancers reflect on the meaning of happiness, personal identity, death and how to navigate a world in crisis. 

"I think it was an enormous success," says Cardente-Vessella, "and a clear representation of the talent of our dancers, even during a pandemic."

Renzi has created over 75 choreographed works and has self-produced dozens of short, site-specific dance films. In an interview with the Nyack News, she notes that "her passion is to take her work outside the constraints of the concert hall and into new and unmarked spaces, often outdoors." That is what you'll find in "A Different Day."

View the film by clicking here.