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Office of Academic Support and Information Services

At the Academic Advisement Information Center, ELED-IM, ECED-IM and Undeclared students will get help with course selection, change of majors, and guidance on academic policies and procedures.

Want to become a better student? The Academic Development Center is a great resource for students who want to become more effective learners. The Mathematics Learning Center and Tutorial Services offer additional help with one on one tutoring for the student who wants to do better in their classes.

The Writing Center is an informal, comfortable space in which writers can talk about their writing concerns with people (the tutors) who are willing to listen, share, and respond.

We understand that being new to college can bring up common questions. Our Frequently Asked Questions page will hopefully appease some of your concerns.

Catch up on some college terms in our Glossary.

If you are interested in changing your scenery for the same cost of Rhode Island College's tuition, the National Student Exchange Program is a program that can broaden your horizons without having to leave the country. Click on our link to learn more about this great opportunity.

Are you a new student? The New Student Programs held by Oasis will prepare you for your next step in life.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Page last updated: October 23, 2015