Dr. Donna Christy

  • Adjunct Faculty I


Ed.D. in Mathematics Education, Boston University

M.A.T. in Mathematics (Certification: RI Secondary Mathematics Teacher), Rhode Island College

B.A. in Mathematics, Rhode Island College

B.A. in Economics, Rhode Island College 


MATH 550 Bridges and Extensions
MATH 409 Mathematical Problem Analysis
MATH 238 Quantitative Business Analysis II
MATH 212 Calculus I
MATH 209 Precalculus Mathematics
MATH 181 Applied Basic Mathematics
MATH 144 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II
MATH 143 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I
MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra
SED 411 Content and Pedagogy in Secondary Education
SED 412 Field Practicum in Secondary Education
SED 421 Student Teaching in the Secondary School
SED 422 Student Teaching Seminar in Secondary Education