Dr. Maricarmen R. Margenot

Department, Office, or School
Department of Modern Languages
  • Associate Professor


B.A. Universidad de Sevilla
M.A., Ph.D. University of Connecticut


SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 110 Review of basic Spanish
SPAN 113 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 200 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPAN 201 Conversation And Composition
SPAN 202 Composition And Conversation
SPAN 310 Spanish Literature & Culture: Pre-18th Century
SPAN 311 Span Literature & Culture: Post-18th Century
SPAN 401 Studies In Hispanic Prose
SPAN 403 Studies In Hispanic Theater/Film
SPAN 404 Studies In Hispanic Poetry
SPAN 420 Applied Grammar
SPAN 460 Seminar In Spanish
SPAN 490 Independent Study
SPAN 501 Studies In Hispanic Fiction
SPAN 503 Studies In Hispanic Theater
SPAN 504 Studies In Hispanic Poetry:
SPAN 520 Applied Grammar
SPAN 560 Graduate Seminar in Spanish
SPAN 590 Directed Study ​​