Deborah Siegel

Building 9 (SSW) 111
(401) 456-8042
(401) 456-8617

Academic Background

Professor1983 to present
Ph.D. University of Chicago School of Social Service AdministrationMay 1982
A.M. University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration May 1974
B.A. Dickinson CollegeMay 1972

Courses Taught

SWRK 600 Field Education & Seminar III
SWRK 601 Field Education & Seminar IV
SWRK 602 Clinical Social Work Practice I
SWRK 603 Clinical Social Work Practice II
SWRK 642 Integrative Project
SWRK 643 Integrative Project

Currently Teaching

clinical practice (children and families), field seminar, integrative project

Areas of Expertise

clinical practice, adoption, ADHD

Areas of Interest

Empirical evaluation of clinical practice; child welfare; adoption

Present Service Activities

Keynote speaker, conference presenter, workshop leader on issues related to adoption; member of the NASW-RI Board of Directors, Children’s Policy Coalition, Child Advocate’s Task for on Adoption Legislation, Rhode Island Adoption Action Coalition, consultant to agencies concerned with adoption issues.

Past Experience

Director of Field Instruction, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama; Director of Field Instruction and Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Missouri; Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work, Rhode Island College; clinical social worker for various agencies in Alabama, Missouri and Rhode Island


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