Exceptional Learning Needs

The exceptional learning needs program provides advanced study for special educators with specialization in one of three strands: autism education, special education administration or specialized study in an area of professional interest (i.e., behavioral support).

The program requires applicants to hold Rhode Island certification in Special Education (or eligibility for RI certification if the applicant holds a valid Special Education license from another state).

Program Goals

  1. Develop knowledge of the learning needs of children with disabilities.
  2. Develop specialized knowledge in a chosen area of study.
  3. Integrate knowledge into effective teaching practice.
Paul LaCava
Associate Professor
Horace Mann 056
(401) 456-9703

Course No. Course Title Credits

Program Elective

One course in multicultural perspectives, chosen with advisor's consent3

Professional Education Component

SPED 458Mathematics/Science for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities4
SPED 503Positive Behavior Interventions: Students with Disabilities3
SPED 505Oral and Written Language: Classroom Intervention3
SPED 518Reading Instructions for Students with Disabilities3
SPED 534Involvement of Parents and Families Who Have Children with Disabilities3
SPED 648Interpreting and Developing Research in Special Education3

Select option A, B or C below:

Autism Education

Course No. Course Title Credits
SPED 561Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders3
SPED 563Curriculum and Methodology: Students with Autism3
SPED 564Building Social and Communication Skills3

Total Credit Hours


Special Education Administration

Course No. Course Title Credits
SPED 606Leading Special Education I: Administration3
SPED 607Leading Special Education II: Legal & Financial Aspects3
SPED 608Leading Special Education III: Program Development & Organization4
SPED 609Leading Special Education IV: Program Evaluation4

Total Credit Hours


Specialized Study in Special Education

Course No. Course Title Credits
Three courses chosen with advisor's consent.9

Total Credit Hours


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