Russell A. Potter, Ph.D.

Professor of English and Media Studies
Rhode Island College
Providence, Rhode Island

Education: Ph.D., Brown University; M.A., Syracuse University; B.A. The Evergreen State College.

Teaching areas: Media studies, Victorian literature and visual culture, History of Arctic exploration, Hip-hop culture, Linguistics, Literary theory.  For details, please see my online curriculum vitae.

Current Courses

ENG 122: Literature and Nation (Spring 2015) (blog)

ENG 122: Literature and the Canon (Spring 2015) (blog)

ENGL 205: British Literature to 1800 (Fall 2014) (blog)

ENGL 433: Modern Grammar (Spring 2015) (blog)

ENGL 261: Arctic Encounters (Summer 2015) (blog)

ARTM 543 Media Culture II (Fall 2015) (blog)

ENGL 560: Visual Culture from the Victorians to the Moderns (Spring 2015) (blog)




1. Fiction

My novel, PYG: The Memoirs of a Learned Pig was published in November 2011 in the UK by Canongate Books. The US edition appeared in August from Penguin. Learn more about the novel on my blog.


2. Arctic History / Victorian Visual Culture

My website about Sir John Franklin's lost Arctic expedition of 1845 includes an on-line museum of images of Arctic exploration from the 1850's through the 1920's. You can also visit the website for my book, Arctic Spectacles: The Frozen North in Visual Culture, 1818-1870, (University of Washington Press, 2007) or drop by my blog, Visions of the North, where I post current news and reviews on Arctic exploration in books, films, and other media.

Looking for reviews of current books on Polar topics?  Drop by the Arctic Book Review, which I edit.


3. Victorian Popular Culture / Web Biographies

The preliminary version of my site about the history of that uncanny behemoth, the Crystal Palace (1851-1936) is now online; it also includes my research page on television pioneer John Logie Baird, whose test transmissions originated from the South Tower of the Palace.

I'm currently compiling a series of mini-sites about various odd Victorian characters, among them the writer Henry Morley and Inspector Charles Frederick Field, as well as other figures from the history of Scotland Yard. I also have pages with short web biographies of other figures of particular interest, among them the scholar-mountaineer (and RIC alumna) Annie Smith Peck (1850-1935), Rev. Thomas H. Cocroft (an early Rector of the Church of the Messiah in Olneyville, whose Rectory, built in 1886, is my present home), as well as Garrett Augustus Morgan, the African-American inventor widely credited with inventing the automatic traffic signal and the gas-mask.


Friends and Colleagues

My friend Mary Cappello's book Swallow details the curious career of Dr. Chevalier Jackson, a man who extracted (and saved) thousands of swallowed objects from his patients.

Michael Robinson's blog, Time to Eat The Dogs, covers exploration, Arctic and otherwise, with élan.

Jonathan Dore, whose superlative copyediting has saved me from many a gaffe, has a page about his professional editorial services.

My friends Huw Lewis-Jones and Kari Herbert's publishing venture Polarworld, offers some of the most gorgeous pictorial polar books to be found today.  


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