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Undergraduate Click to learn who this is for

We offer majors, minors, and certificates of undergraduate study in arts, science, education, business, nursing and social work.

Who is this for?

Bold, resilient, hard-working students who want to earn a four-year degree without the debt. Generous financial aid opportunities enable more than 40% of our students to graduate debt free.

Graduate Click to learn who this is for

We offer master's degrees in healthcare, counseling, social work, business, management, teaching, community leadership, and arts and sciences – plus doctoral programs in education and nursing, and certificates of graduate study.

Who is this for?

Those seeking new professional opportunities or career advancement.

Professional Studies and Continuing Education Click to learn who this is for

We support professional development, workforce development, continuing education, adult education and community programs and initiatives that empower our citizens and strengthen our communities.

Who is this for?

Working professionals, adult students, community members and those seeking to attain training and skills to enter or reenter the workforce.

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