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RIC Athletics

Our athletes are on the ball!

New Center Seeks to Eliminate Barriers in Latinx Mental Healthcare

Rhode Island College Impact

The Atrévete Center of Excellence for Latinx/Hispanic Social Work Practice plans to add up to 55 bilingual providers across Rhode Island by 2027.

Want to Work in the Tech Industry? Here’s What Nick Garvey ’22 Recommends

RIC alum Nick Garvey, a computer science major, with minors in cybersecurity and Web design, says the first thing tech students need to do is explore the field.

RIC Freshman Isabella Ba Wins Competitive PBS Scholarship

A communication major and tennis player, Ba is on her way to a career in newscasting.

Brand New B.S. Degree in Cybersecurity @ RIC

Did you know cybersecurity experts are in demand across the country? With a cybersecurity degree, you will become uniquely qualified to serve the security needs of businesses, government and other agencies that make up the nation’s infrastructure.

ENTREVISTA: Docente aborda la temática sobre la enseñanza y el aprendizaje de una segunda lengua

Rhode Island College Impact

"Lo bueno de los cursos de idiomas en RIC es que creamos una atmósfera donde los estudiantes pueden sentirse seguros al utilizar el nuevo idioma", dice la docente Hadid.

High School Interns Try Out a Business Career at RIC

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC’s business school is not only educating college-level business students, they’re inspiring future ones, as well.

The Q&A: Assist. Prof. Hadid Addresses Issues in Teaching and Learning a Second Language

Rhode Island College Impact

“The beauty of the language courses at RIC is that we create an atmosphere where students can feel safe to try out the new language,” says Assist. Prof. Hadid.

RIC Alum Jason Cabral is New Executive Director of Gamm Theatre

Rhode Island College Impact

RIC theater major went from acting to administration.

Estudiante de RIC ayuda a padres solteros a encontrar un puerto seguro

Rhode Island College Impact

Julissa Pereira les aclara que: “Sean cuales sean tus objetivos, son factibles, posibles y, si lo desean, están a su alcance”. Y agrega: “Yo estaré apoyándoles en cada paso”.